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    Why are we neglecting our north-eastern states?

    The newspapers of the north-east are giving this new at the top of the first page. This has been the main topic for discussion in the entire region for the last one month or so. And why not? The longest bridge of Asia, Sadia-Dhola bridge, would bring the entire north-east much closer to other parts of India. This pride of India would definitely bring economic prosperity in the region. It will strengthen the bond between north-east people and people of other parts of the country. Indian armed forces would be able to move much more quickly due to this bridge. This bridge is a real matter for rejoice and discussion.

    I raised the issue of inauguration of Sadia-Dhola bridge (Bhupen Hazarika setu) in a thread. I tried to discuss the benefits of north-eastern states because of this largest bridge of Asia. However, this thread has been deleted with a cryptic comment: 'Not worthy of a discussion'.

    'Not worthy of a discussion'? Does it imply that welfare of the beautiful people of the beautiful north-eastern states is not worthy of a discussion?

    Members may kindly comment whether we are neglecting our north-eastern brethren, or not. Do you think benefits of north-eastern people are not worthy of discussion?
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    In his inaugural speech, our Prime Minister was very loud when he said that we should be proud that the longest bridge in Asia, the Bhupen Hazarika Setu, has been built in Assam. Why? While agreeing to the benefits and advantages of the bridge, I could not quite comprehend the stress he had put while naming 'Assam' as the state in which the bridge had come up. It almost resembled his claim about a chaiwala becoming a PM!

    Partha, your thread on the inauguration of the longest bridge might have been rejected as it must have been just a piece of news ( a regular feature) and could not invoke any discussion. It has got nothing to do with neglecting North-Eastern states as suggested by you. Rejection of a thread need not be construed as a policy matter of ISC. Let us not play politics in this educational site.

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    By the way why should editor reject the thread when a important event is being discussed. All the information we know only through electronic or print media and discussing about the integral part of the news is nothing wrong. ISC has expressly stated that we can discuss anything or everything about India. Then when a biggest bridge was constructed in record time and being inaugurated by PM, why should we shy away from discussing it. And Partha, not every one is neglecting NE states. From my side I have been demanding equal coverage of events that is happening in the seven states for the benefit of main land people.
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    I began my rejected thread with a famous Assamese song of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. I have gone through more than hundred articles and news-items on the issue. Nowhere I saw this quote. I mentioned that yesterday all the dignitaries from all over India to witness the historic event. I talked about the Battle of Dhola in 1962, which no newspaper has mentioned while discussing the bridge. And a Lead Editor only noticed 'just a piece of news "!

    Who is playing politics?

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    I had read the thread. In fact, it was quite a long post, and there was a comment posted on it by Mohan.

    What I recall reading was a write-up about the description of Bhupen Hazare interspaced with some Bangla words. There was mention of why the Indian Army was defeated by the Chinese. There was mention of how the Army and the Air Force will benefit from the bridge.

    What was there to discuss? One could either have agreed with you or congratulated you on a well-structured post.

    I do not know about the others, but I do not come to the forum to read bits of news. I rather read about what people think or about their observations, about their views on things. It gives me an insight on the way people's minds work. For news, I can always switch on to the television or surf the net or read the papers.

    Now you politicise it by bringing in the people of the region.

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    Ms. Juana: I quoted a famous song of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika (not Hazare). The song is in Assamese and not in Bengali.

    To all Members: Now a live thread is being discussed extensively in ISC. The thread is on necessity of hand-washing before taking food. As far as I recall I read the matter as a student of Class III. If this thread can continue, why not a thread which discusses/intends to discuss the strategic importance of Dhola-Sadia bridge?

    Just asking. My purpose is not to belittle any thread.

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    I stand corrected. Yes, it is Bhupen Hazarika, I know that, and have no excuse for my blooper. However, I cannot tell the difference between Bengali and Assamese.

    Handwashing thread - I just caught the news before lunch and what was being reported was soaps and sachets of shampoos being distributed to residents of a locality ahead of the CMs visit in a town/village in Uttar Pradesh. There is so much to be discussed - people give their interpretation of the need for washing hands. It is relevant, even today - so what if it was taught in class III. People like me perhaps overdo it, some others need free toiletries to maintain hygiene.

    The bridge - what more could we possibly share, other than what is reported and is already in the media.

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    #599204: I am astonished by the reaction. In the deleted thread, I tried to discuss about the benefits of the new bridge; the reference of the Prime Minister was related to completion and inauguration of the bridge only.

    I wonder who is playing politics.

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    I also put this type of thread previously Why are seven sisters so unfamiliar?

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    So the conclusion was the inactivity of electronic media in those places.

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    No, Mr. Raheja. My conclusion is that a particular Editor of ISC is neglecting the north-eastern states of India. He is not willing to allow discussion on this issue.
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