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    Why the snakes take to "S" position to move ?

    We the human being are habituated to walk or run straight and that makes us comfortable. But the snakes make " S " shape to move their body and they do it with awesome speed and that movement with S formation gives a great look to a snake. While taking to S shape will the snakes tend to forget their route course ? What may be the reason for the snakes to move in that way. Why cant snakes move straight like any other animals. I would like to have best answer for this question which was bothering me since my childhood.
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    Good question by Mr.Mohan. Snack walk in 'S" shape. They walk same way on land and in water. Snakes don't have arms or legs, they can't move like other animals.. They use muscles and specially formed scales for their moment.Snakes skeleton is formed by ribs. Each rib is attached to a muscle. It give powerful and flexible body to the snake.
    A snake, starting from its neck, thrusts its body by contracting its muscles. Thus it creates a series of curves. But without scales it will be very difficult for snake to move.
    The moment of snakes is also known as "Undulatory locomotion".

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    Snakes have hundreds of vertebrae and and on the underside it has scales corresponding to each vertebra. This system works as a flexible string.

    With the help of these scales it grips the ground and contracts it's muscles and moves the body sideways. In this process the body appears in a wave like motion resembling 'S'.

    In water the thrust given by the muscular contraction and sideways motion propels it forward.
    In water there is no gripping surface so the movement is dependent on muscular power.

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