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    Is everything programmed in human brain as per destiny?

    Human brain is like a computer. It is having a big memory and still bigger reproducing mechanism. Most of us believe that it is created by some super natural power or God. There are lot of things and functions in the brain which are being researched by medical professionals on a continuous basis and there are many unknowns waiting to be unearthed by these research.

    Sometimes it appears that our brain is already programmed to do the things in life in a particular way and achieve the results accordingly.

    In other words our destiny is programmed in our brain and we just follow it.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    I think so.

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    Our brain is full of thoughts filled with positive and negative thought and also has the ability to give us trust and faith to move further. In that process we some time take risk and get successful and that way we call it win over the destiny. But one thing is sure, our destiny is already written and programmed by the God and we are just doing what has been pre-planned. Sometimes others try to influence our mind and brain to change the stance. But the program is so strong and our will power is so strong, we wont budge nor chuckle. That is why some people are tasting success after success .
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