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    Is everything programmed in human brain as per destiny?

    Human brain is like a computer. It is having a big memory and still bigger reproducing mechanism. Most of us believe that it is created by some super natural power or God. There are lot of things and functions in the brain which are being researched by medical professionals on a continuous basis and there are many unknowns waiting to be unearthed by these research.

    Sometimes it appears that our brain is already programmed to do the things in life in a particular way and achieve the results accordingly.

    In other words our destiny is programmed in our brain and we just follow it.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    Yes I am fully agreeing to the point that every thing what we do has been guided by a super power unknown to us and some may call it as destiny. God has created us and he know how to safe guard. One day I was watching a beggar not seeking the alms at all but still people are kind enough to donate him. Then I asked how come when beggars ask we wont budge, and how you are getting the liberal amounts from others. He laughed and said. I believe in destiny and God. God has created me and brought me to this stage of begging. Let him give money, why should I ask for it. Great point !
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    This is the belief of all that our life is pre programmed and it will follow the course. Whatever trails we make and what ever experimentation we do finally the result will be the same ans it will be as per the destiny. But we can't sit idle without doing anything saying that destiny. To happen that how we have work, what path is to be followed and other information required is already programmed and it will follow the suit.
    The super natural power which is not visible to us will rule our life and we will act as per the music of that power. Whether it is already in the brain or time to time it may be getting updated but ultimate is destiny.

    always confident

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    Brain is simply the manual of survival.
    And one cannot change the manual.
    We can enhance our brains but not modify it. Brains are amazing and we still don't know much about their function.
    But according to me it's our DNA that carries our traits and characters, so also our lifestyle.
    Our brains are 98% similar and so are our DNA. But one can always change his habits and develop a new character.
    So we can fool our brains after all and change the way we live.

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    I think all the programming done by a human starts early in the environment even before birth, and then by observation. As the baby grows up the basic nature is 'written' into the behavior which usually carries on for the rest of life. That's why some say that a child learns around 70-80% of basic behavior training in the first few years. As the child grows older other new things are learned but the bulk is already done and it is more the academic and knowledge aspects that get analyzed and added. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    Each person is given the choice as a God given gift. Some aspects of modern science tries to break this truth down in pushing the idea that the genetic makeup of a person causes him to do certain crimes.(eg. This one teenager supposedly killed 22 children in a school in Connecticut, USA and there was some study done along these lines). The way these 'research' goes, soon there will be blaming on the genes for committing heinous assaults and crimes and ultimately to take away the teeth of the justice system. We already see that being used without DNA matter with the 'Human Rights' groups who never speak for the victims of terror attack, and go all out to support the rights of the criminal and try to exonerate him. One can foresee where this leads to when the so-called DNA influence comes into play. You can be sure it will be used to screw up the system in favor of certain elites.

    We have choice; we are given the ability and capacity to change our original destiny or fate or whatever to make us go into the paths we choose to go. God gives us this freedom and when we don't utilize it or let others take it over, then it'll be our own choice of declining our freedom of choice.

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