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    Don't waste water. It is essential for our lives.

    Water is very important for human beings , plants and animals to survive. Population is increasing. Instead of independent houses, apartments are coming to accommodate the families in cities.

    Underground water levels are coming down from year to year. Rains are not able to cater the needs of us. Finally a day will come people may die for water.

    As a responsible citizens it is our responsibility to preserve water. We should not waste water.

    To save water try to practice the following.

    1. Don't take bath under a shower. Use bucket and mug.
    2. Don't open the tap fully while using. Open to required extent only.
    3. Don't fill glass fully with drinking water and throw half of that. Take as much as you require.
    4. The waste water coming out from your water purifier collect and use for dish washing.

    Small small stones will make a big heap. Similarly small small quantities of water each saves will become ultimately huge. Save water.Save mankind.
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    Every drop counts. Thus written on the water tanker but we see the nozzle is not properly shut and the water is wasted on the roads when the tanker would be reaching to its destination. Those who toil to get one bucket full of water knows the essence of water and how to safeguard it. I have seen a news video that in a village there is only one well which caters to the need of people and they have to travel long distance to fetch the water. And the well gone dry and water also receded subsequently. So youth would make as the relay helpers as they pass the filled in pot from beneath well to the upper well. That was really heart touching video on conserving of water.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Wasting water is to be considered a crime. We preach conservation of water and water resources but are generally liberal in using water when there is no shortage. As we all must have heard, 'drops of water makes an ocean'. So, it is very important, especially when the world itself is facing shortage of water, to ensure that we do our bit in saving water. In fact this point was very nicely brought out in this thread Mission blue- keeps me conscious of my water usage very recently by Aswini and we did discuss the issue. Nevertheless, scarcity of water still remains a problem in many parts of the country and so we need to be aware and need to do our bit in creating awareness about saving water. I addition to the points put forth by the author, I would like to say that we must keep in our mind the people who, as Mohan has said, walk miles for a potful of water and must exercise restraint in usage of water. Planting of trees, preservation of forests and natural resources and keeping our water resources clean are also equally important.
    'Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance'- Will Durant.

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    Water! So cheap that when we get a glass of it we drink it in a single shot.....
    And so precious that the world's scientists can't determine the real cause of its existence.
    The difference in diversity can be interpreted well from above.

    I want to criticise the fact that the hard working people have become so tired that they just don't take care about nature's offerings. Everyone knows that survival without water is impossible but then to so much ignorance! I really can't get it.
    Water is very valuable to us. This is the only feature of our mother earth that makes it different from rest of the planets. The journey of evolution of mankind is just because of this water resources.
    If I start thinking about the importance of water then my mind just gets lost as if it is not capable to memorise all the things. But then to, to summarise it in few sentences I would say that
    1- It is necessary in all biological process of human beings.
    2- It helps us to see beautiful nature comprising trees and plants.
    3- It causes rainfall.
    4- It regulates heat zones of earth.
    5- It helps animals to survive and many more.

    But the important point is it's conservation. Water have been overutilized so much that it has reached an alarming rate of depletion. So necessary steps must be taken by every individual of the world to save it's occurance. It must not be thought as government initiative but practically speaking it can saved by every individuals. We must just try to be attentive with loss of water. On noticing any loss it must be frequently tried to be repaired. If we adopt saving of water as a daily habit then it may work significantly. Awareness must be done by regular monitoring by our social workers so that the effect of wasting water in a long run can be informed.

    A single drop of water can give a thirsty in a thar desert the pleasure of heaven. This is what water is.

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    In my opinion it is the most precious commodity and if we conserve it today then only we will get it tomorrow. As a good citizen we should not waste water as well as teach our fellow beings for the same.Water conservation should be the concern of whole the society so that it should be available to all albeit in limited quantity.
    Knowledge is power.

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