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    Sugar and Jaggerry, which is better for health.

    Sugar and Jaggerry are sweet in taste. Both are made from sugar cane. But many people say jaggery is better for health.
    Sugar provides instant energy. But jaggery provides slowly and continuously energy. Jaggery contains some fibre, some salts and iron. They give additional advantage for up keep of health.

    Of course, sugar patients can't consume two of them.

    I like to know the opinion of learned members.
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    In my home, we never use sugar, but only jaggery to make the sweet dish Payasam. Palm gud was used for making coffee. These days, palm tree tapping has come down as there are no professional tree climbers to tap the palm juice. Hence there is acute shortage of palm gud in the market. Traders produce duplicate palm gud made out of sugar. It is said that the original and pure palm gud has its medicinal value, and is good for health. The pure and original palm gud costs Rs. 280 per kg.
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    In villages the people use jaggery for tea and coffee. While jaggery is taken out from the sugar cane and its taste is natural and acceptable. Where as to get the sugar a process takes place to bring the whiteness and even bones are used to get the polish of sugar. That is why sugar is less used and jaggery is more preferred.
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    Well jaggery has been around more and it's been used from ages in India compared to the sugar cubes, so I vote for jagggery. When it comes to hazards caused by sugar, I think the quantity must be analyzed first. A little jaggery works better than spoons of sugar. So by compensating quantity we can maintain the same quality.
    Jaggery doesn't even harm the teeth much. Jaggery prevents anemia and it can be taken by diabetic patients too in limited quantities. It's good for respiratory and digestive troubles too.
    But the problem is, it is not readily available and not ready to use too, unlike sugar. Moreover due to salts and fiber presence, it tastes less sweeter than same quantity of sugar.

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    I am sorry to tell this Rao Ji,we should never distinguish or analyses any thing good or bad as one is good to one and the same is bad to another. The accepting and neglecting a thing should be decided only according to individual's health. By seeing many diabetic patients my friend's wife controlled her husband in his diets and makes him to take coffee with less sugar etc., unfortunately his sugar level comes down and he suffered a lot with spending sufficient money to hospital on his rescue.
    In another case, a relative of mine took (he also a diabetic) sundals on an advice from a doctor but another doctor told him after some tests, he reached high protein level and so he advised some medicines to regulate protein level in his body.
    In general nowadays a view is spreading widely that the four whites should not consume in his food style which are milk, rice,sugar and salt. This may be good to the diabetic or persons under any medication but generally we should not avoid wantonly without consulting his body condition otherwise he have to face panic. Nothing is bad in this world but avoidance should based on individuals condition.

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    Jagggery and sugar are both made from sugarcane. However Sugar making involves more mechanical and chemical interventions. Jaggery making needs less NIL chemicals. So it is less artificial than sugar. Anything artificial will have some negative effects on body in the long run. There will be negative effects for seem people even o using for short term or immediately on use. Sugar can also fall i that pattern.

    Any write up on diabetes will always mention how sugar is taboo for diabetics. Sugar is having no nutrient value other than calories. As jaggery is more a natural food,body accepts it better.

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    Sugar as already mentioned in the comments, is made with the treatment of bone charcoal for its crystal appearance and chemicals treatment are also used but sugar is also important for glucose and hence energy consumption, so fruits and other natural sources are best to replace the sugar.

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