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    Which is most economical bath - a shower bath or a bucket and mug bath?

    Which is the most economical way of taking bath to conserve water? Is it a bath under the showers (not under a tap) or a bath by drawing water from a bucket with a mug?

    I just give a good thought to this topic and post your good responses.

    According to me, a shower bath is more economical and give satisfaction than a bucket bath.
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    If the author post is taken in lighter vein then my answer would be when a adult is taking bath, keep the children below them, so that one bath can serve two. People generally want to have a lavish bath. Most of the rich people prefer to have shower bath and tub bath which requires lots of water. Middle class people prefer one bucket water to finish their bathing. I too feel that shower bath is economical as the water would be evenly distributed across the body and there wont be wastage of water. But most people wont have head bath daily and thus they prefer bucket water bath which can limit to face and body wash.
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    In my opinion bucket and mug bath is economical. But it is again conditional and relative.
    If one goes on filing the bucket again and again then it is not economical.

    However shower bath also can be economical as shower drops when used optimally to wet all areas of body and using soap after stopping the shower and again washing body with shower with proper scrubbing, the shower bath also can be economical.

    But when we stand under a shower we just go on enjoying the water drops on us wetting and cooling us or comforting with its warmth. Then we forget time and water quantity and simply enjoy.

    Using bucket and bath we easily get tired or feel satisfied and stop. Hence I confirm bucket and mug bath is economical .

    Similarly if one uses the shower optimally and does not go on enjoying the pleasant shower,than that also can be economical because the shower drops are properly used like sprinkler in irrigation.

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    As a matter of fact, bucket is always advisable for bath. You know how much water you are using for your bath. If it is a shower bath you don't have a measure of shower bath . Practically I have observed this, So it is always advisable to use a bucket and mug for bath.

    When use a shower, you feel very happy when the cold water is falling on your head and hence you continue for more time. Tub bath will consume further more water.

    So definitely it is advisable to go for bath with a mug and bucket.

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    Shower bath is the most economical way of taking bath. Water is saved by this method. In some of the hotels, they provide shower only in the bathroom. There will not be a bucket. This they do to save on water.
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    Some years back, there was severe scarcity of water in Chennai. To denote a joke was in those day edition of Ananda vikatan, a tamil weekly.That run as follows.
    A wife came out of kitchen asked her husband whether the guest uncle came from Chennai.Husband asked why.She replied, I gave a tumbler full of water for drinking but he finished his bath and washed his dhoti in that level of water.
    According to me, if hot water available it is better a shower bath is very much liked by me.

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    As my bathroom's shower has a moderate intensity of flow rate it saves much water but overall if you know how to take bath in one bucket then it is very economical to take. We have to take care of the water from getting wasted. I see on daily basis that a large amount of fresh water is wasted for washing cars regularly, kept the hoses open unaccounted and also the less maintenance of water pipes under the authorities.

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