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    How to end beggary. Please suggest ways and means

    Every government which comes to power either at Center or state take the pledge that it will end the poverty and would take all the steps. But when you stop your vehicle at any signal or stand for the bus at the bus stop you are constantly bothered by the beggars. While some beggars are really helpless to work and hence resort to begging. But many have made this as business and indulging others also in this racket. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has asked officials to end beggary. I want the members to suggest ways and means to get rid of begging.
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    Begging is a national problem all across the globe in populated underdeveloped or developing countries. This is an eye sore and creates feelings of let down in our minds.

    This is a wide spread and burning problem in our country and requires a massive scale effort at root level for its eradication.

    Before giving theoretical solutions let us briefly understand the genesis why there are beggars in our country.

    The prime reason is poverty where people shift to other towns for search of job but being uneducated and physically not strong end up their struggle by begging. We do not have jobs or engagement for these people. They are in no way contributing to the national GDP. Frankly speaking they are but burden on the society.

    Creation of livelihood jobs at village and town level even for handicapped persons is one way to stop their plight. Engagement for livelihood is required to keep the illiterate and downtrodden people occupied. Let it be insignificant jobs but once they are occupied they will feel pride in it and will not run for the easiest way of standing on the crossing for begging.

    Now it is easy to say or preach these things in speeches or forums but to translate it to reality is the real challenge for the Govt as well as the society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Begging in India has become a common phenomena . People of all ages starting from 3years to 80 years will be seen begging near railway station, bus stand,temples and signal lights.

    I understand in Hyderabad, it is a business. A gang in Hyderabad will take these children on hire on daily basis and keep them in one of the above said places. In the evening they will handover the children to their parents with the money of hire. The remaining will be the profit to the gang. This is a rocket going on in Hyderabad.
    Government should make education to all children compulsory and keep these begging children in those schools and hostel. Already government is paying pension to old persons. The same can be extended to these old and aged beggars and ban begging.
    Asking officials to eradicate begging is easy. But how to implement, how to monitor,and how to make this program successful i. These are the question to be answered by these rulers.

    always confident

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    The question how to end beggary? Is actually one of the most complicated issue in our country.
    Since it is complicated, so the solution must not be that simple.
    It is a problem which has become our identity.
    So to solve this problem we have to think in various sets and each set must be accomplished independently.

    In the first set I think the role of government is important. It must make rules, laws and fix financial help in budget. Rules and laws generally helps in identification and motivation for the beggars. By doing this the most underprivileged class of society will get a belief that in the development they are also given importance and we know that belief is the first step in achieving success.
    The government job is yet not over as it must constantly monitor and inspect it's running programme.

    The next set comprises the job of NGOs and Press. These two parts play a great role in development. Press provide awareness globally and NGOs help to locate the beggars individually. Beggars must be informed about power of education so that they could utilise government funds to make their children educated. An educated citizen is moral and ethical so he understand that begging can't fulfil his hunger and basic necessities required in his life, so he definitely quit begging.
    The members of NGOs can meet these beggars and aware them ,they may tell the male community to work by developing their skill. Skill development again is the initiative of government , here government have to bring up their plan and programme with the help of which the male beggars can learn to work.
    On the other hand female beggars must be motivated to help their children to learn. They can also do some work but it is really difficult in country like India. I am not saying that any women can't work, some off course can work.

    The third set may comprise the help of police department. Police must identify the criminals who manipulate underprivileged people to perform begging in order to earn money. This section must also be looked at.

    The next set is none the least but WE the privileged one. God has given us the beautiful opportunity to help people who are in need. We must take care of these people whenever we notice them. I must say we are so much busy in securing our life that we have forgotten our fundamental duties.
    On seeing these beggars most of us threaten them by saying rude words, taunt them or sometimes hardly give some penny. So these things are wrong we have change our mind set. On seeing a beggar at least we can talk softly, provide some financial help at least ones. Persuasion is the best method as not instantly but some day it may help them to understand what we want them to do.

    At last I want to say that we can't put an end to begging within a month or year. It's a long run process and we must keep patience while working. Within few years this problem may be solved and every section of society will earn and live their beautiful life.

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    Let the Local area developmental fund of MP and MLA be used to rehabilitate the beggars.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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