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    Why dishwashers are not that much used in India?

    I haven't seen any dishwasher in the kitchens of my known circle. People are using electric appliances like Induction cookers, Automatic Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Vacuum cleaners, etc. but not the electric dishwashers. Is it it due to lack of awareness or is there any particular reason for not using dishwashers in India?
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    I think lack of water and orthodoxy are the most important factors. We want to feel ourselves cleaning the dishes and make sure it's clean with our own eyes. And there's a sense of control in doing so. But dishwasher require high power, maintenance and constant supply of incoming water right? Well newer dishwashers claim to use less water.
    Lack of awareness too I guess. But I did see some of my relative's owning dishwashers, so I think it's hesitation rather than ignorance here.

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    In India, labor is very cheap. So many of the families engage a servant maid. Servant maid will clean the dishes. Servant maid will wash clothes, Servant maid will clean the house. So no necessity of dish washer,washing machine and vacuum cleaner. So many of the urban families don't have these items.

    Even in Orthodox families they engage servant maid and the vessels cleaned by the servant maid will just washed by the housewife with water for one time before use.

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    The items used by Indians (except for those who have imbibed modern life style due to their experience in other countries or by reading or viewing TV channels) are not suitable for washing in a dishwasher. In one or two demos I found there is some adaptation . So until we adapt to the western ways fully or the dish washing machines are adapted for use in India homes, it will be percolating at a very slow rate only. I feel the case of microwave is also similar. It is still not widely used for our traditional recipes for similar reasons.

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    @599330, you may not believe , but in our home we were allowing our servant maid washing machine. She was taught how to use it and she became quite comfortable with that. But we got complaints from our neighbours that we are teaching bad habits.
    Our maid was not happy to use the vacuum cleaner, because she felt it took more time, and she could finish the same work with her broom and wet cloth mop faster.

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    Using dish washers are meant for the rich and those who were settled out side India. In our country the house holds take pride in cleaning the utensils themselves to ensure that health is not affected among the family members. Even after maid servant washes the dishes and kept aside, our house holds wash the same to ensure much cleanliness. Though dish washers can also keep the things clean, people are not habituated not felt that it should be there as one of the item in Kitchen. May be in course of time Indians may change to more hygienic way of keeping things and use dish washers.
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    Not only dishwasher, any novel products introduced in the market are used only in the cities or places where it is applicable usage. For example, our company introduced in our brand a good air coolers in our factory at Chennai but it was sold in good quantity only other than Tamilnadu as it was healthwise not good. Similarly some products will not move in all places evenly.

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