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    You got a life, pass it on.

    Babies are such a beautiful blessing of God. I think none of us will disagree to this fact. But, there are many people who don't want to have a child due to various reasons. The reason could be more focus towards career or fearing the added responsibilities of a child. Some girls think that they won;t be able to bear the pain of operation and labor. Hence they avoid the biggest gift that could be given to a human being by this Universe.
    Have we ever thought that if our parents had thought this way, then we would not have existed? If they thought us to be an impediment to their career, then the entire human race would have stopped one day. The main mission of any living being is to carry the genes through various generations. If we think that we will think of nothing but only career or money or glamour then how can we pass on our legacy to the young ones. If we fear the sleepless nights while raising our children, then we won't be able to pass the culture, education, and intelligence to them during those sleepless nights.
    Above everything I think, we should at least give life to one baby, as it is the only way to show gratitude to those who gave life to us. We got life from our previous generations, then we should give the same gift to the upcoming generation to fulfill our duties. What do you think?
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    First of all, having a baby is a huge responsibility. The couple should be ready to shoulder those responsibilities, keeping in mind various aspects, including their careers & their finances. It is not a question of thinking "only of career or money" as you put it. Nor is it a fear. It is really necessary to think of these since if they have a child and are unable to spend time to care for it, then it is like neglecting the new life which has come into the world. They should not have a baby just for the heck of it, to create a new life. They should genuinely want to have a child, to be willing to give total love & nurture the baby.

    As for showing gratitude to those who gave life to us, we can do this by loving them unconditionally, taking care of them throughout their lives, especially in their twilight years when they need us the most rather than being considered a burden and being admitted to old age homes. I don't think it is a necessity to have a baby merely to show gratitude to those who gave life to us.

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    Two women, two different opinions. Each of them are correct in their thinking process. This all depends on the priorities of the couples. I know many couples who don't have children going round and round to various hospitals and places of worship.

    But my personal opinion is each couple should have at least one child. Then only they can enjoy their life completely. But it is again a God's gift only.

    After struggling whole day outside when we come back to the house in the evening, by playing with child everybody can feel relaxed. Everybody can forget their problems and difficulties

    always confident

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    Continuing with progeny or procreation is a natural instinct for all living things. I think none of them have any ability to exercise choice to have it or not. At the maximum they can kill or allow the progeny to be killed. But even if it happens that will be out of instinct only.
    Only humans have the concept of wealth and extra comfort. Only humans go against nature. Only humans consciously go against or control instincts. That has its own consequences. Some we are feeling, some we can profess, but many we even do not or cannot imagine.

    The birth of a progeny gives a pleasure by instinct. However if humans consciously restrict or suppress that instinctual pleasure and feel some better pleasures and comforts than this, then that will lead human against the instinct of having progeny. Such of them are the ones cited in the r thread as ..."there are many people who don't want to have a child due to various reasons. ".

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    What my personal feeling is that when you are married and having a child is the must to pass on the legacy to others. That means creating a legal heir is the important process in human being and the elders get elated on seeing their grand children who are supposed to take their legacy further. Yes modern women who are working and earning much money does not want child at the early age of marriage. They want to postpone and in the melee they would get old. Once they get old, the child bearing capability would also reduce and vanish and thus I have seen many women are living childless and they are being cursed in the family and society. Gone are the days when three children was the norm, then came we two , our two concept. Now having one child has become difficulty for the couples and that mind set must change.
    K Mohan
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    A female feels complete after motherhood. After having baby a woman becomes a mother. This is an experience which cannot be expressed in words. The first feel of a life within you makes you feel out of the world. It's such an amazing experience of holding someone who is a part of you, who looks like you. Cannot find a proper word it is something to experience.
    In today's materialistic world people hardly have time for such emotions. I know couples who just for the sake of money do not want kids. DINKS double income no kids is a popular practice followed by the young couples. Life for them is actually a mirage. They do not know now what they are running after and when they reach where they wanted to they want something else. Insatiable desires make them their slaves and they keep on chasing g them. I feel especially pity for females who in this run loose their actual feel of completeness. They do not understand what they are gaining at what price and by the time they u first and it is too late.
    Initially what appears a wastage of time or burden for them a crave starts for the same thing because of lonliness.
    So we need to understand what to give up and what not, understanding of true happiness is very important.

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    Rashmi has empowered my views even more. I do not agree with what Vandana Mam said. How can you not take the responsibility of a child. Yes, you have work, yes you might be busy. But today we can have domestic helps to help us with the work. We can have trusted governesses from governess centers who are trained to take care of a child. Mind you, I am not saying that have a child and the hire a governess and then get off to work. I am saying, that such trained nurses will help share your work, lessen your troubles and trauma in handling a newborn and take good care of it, when you are gone.
    I simply fail to understand how come a person become so busy in life that they can't spend anytime with their baby? Any full time job requires 8 hours according to government rules. Taken the fact that in a house both the adults are working, can't they spend the rest of the hours in a day with their child? If they feel so, then they are merely being selfish and more attracted towards money. Vandana Madam's explanation proves today's selfishness and cowardice towards more responsibility even more.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    You did not get my point at all. It is not a question of selfishness & cowardice. Nor is it a question of having a nanny to look after the child. It is a question of being realistic and practical. It is the couple's decision whether or not they are really willing to & can really shoulder the responsibility of parenthood both emotionally & financially. It should not be that they are having a child just to please others, as is being indicated by your text in this thread. There should be no compulsion to pass on life merely to oblige others. Parenthood should not be a game of pretence to keep others happy.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Joyshree I feel you did not get the point of Vandana. There is a difference in the two. You are talking about couples who are not willing to have issues while Vandana's point is about the couples who are not having issues or there are some couples who really have their life for the sake of service/research etc.,

    I can see the generation difference in two opinions and hence there need not be this much harsh remarks on the opinion of others.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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