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    Human behavior too changes like Nature.

    Like there are four seasons in nature, we the human beings also change in our lives and our behavior would portray the same. The first being the infant stage. The infant stage of human being can be compared to the rainy season. Like during rainy season we cannot predict rain at a particular time, children at infant age cannot behave in expected manner. The comes the childhood stage, this phase can be compared to the summer season. A child would be asking for more and he wants to enjoy the best things in life irrespective the parents affordability. That means irritating summer can be compared with that behavior. The next being adolescent age, which can be described as the spring season which is full of transformation. The last being adult and then old age, which can be compared to the winter, where in one would like to sleep and abstain from the main work for varied reasons.

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    The above mentioned stages of human life also are scheduled by Nature only.
    However in everything nature has some purpose and it has its rhythm and cycle. However unpredictable we feel nature is, itis stillpredictable and sytematic if we do not inerfere.

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    Very good thread and award winning thread. Beautiful comparison of various stages of life to various seasons of a year. Very nicely written. All the best to you for the competition.
    always confident

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