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(This thread is the Winner of the TOW contest for the week 28th May - 3rd June'17 on the topic - Nature)
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    Why we expect others to accept ‘our’ nature when we all go against Mother Nature?

    "It is my nature not to accept nonsense from others."."It is there in my nature not to be a sycophant and get favours"."My true nature does not permit me to retaliate with similar bad words. I have seen, it is my nature to put on weight even if I starve"..... . How many such chest-beating dialogues we have made and we have heard others making also?

    Please mind the core word there in all these-nature. Humans use the word nature as if it is only theirs. That is why they coined a significantly selfish word sig-'nature'. One's signature is unique and no other person can have it.

    But what is Nature? We will understand it well if I say 'Mother Nature'. That universal, unbiased, unprejudiced, untainted equity sensed, nourishing everything and everyone in this Earth, nurturing and so Nature.
    But as humans what we nurture? Nothing but our own body and ego. The above quoted sentences easily demonstrate that. We as humans do not nurture anything other than these two. On the contrary we torture, we torture other creatures and creations of other nature; we torture Mother Nature. We torment nature by boring deeper and deeper to draw the last drop of water conserved by Mother Nature for her thirsty children living in deeper layers. But we as humans will not allow that. We want everything to ourselves.

    To summarise in one line, "Nurtured by Mother Nature, but tortured by humans not knowing real Nature, humans end up self tortured". Like the fly which falls on the flame not only killing itself but douses the lamp too.

    Let us change our nature to suit that of benevolent Mother Nature.

    (TOW contest entry)
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    A clarion call from the author to support mother nature and give due respect by not acting against its wishes. Surely a thought provoking thread for the Tow topic.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Awesome. The author presented the thread very nicely . He has made an attempt to show how human nature is spoiling the nature for their selfish motives. I liked it. I wish him all the best for the competition.
    always confident

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