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    Cash Credits & Awards page list need to be amended with relevant sync

    Indiastudychannel home page gives the list of Top Earners under sub heading -Earn part time revenue.
    It gives the list of top ten cash credit earning members. That is very impressive and will definitely tempt and attract new members to the site. My point is not that.

    Immediately below the ten names there is a lnk 'find more' When we click that we reach the landing page Cash Credits & Awards The list there is not 'more' but a restatement including the names and amount as shown in the home page. But not in that order.

    In fact I have not received much money, but my name is displayed in cash credit &awards page as sixth in order. I do not come anywhere near also to mention name in that order. Rightly the first page does not display my name.

    The problem is in the Cash Credits & Awards page the sorting is based on the descending order of 'awards'. I feel that is irrelevant and gives a wrong picture. There also it should be based on overall cash credit and not linked to awards at all.

    Hence the cash credit awards page may be renamed as top earners page, and should be listed in the order of overall cash credits earned on the reference date.
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    The point has been forwarded to the admin for necessary checks and clarification.
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    Good observation from the author and the list of great top earners must continue from the 11th best and so on. That would be more impressive for the new members to understand and get convinced.
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    A very sincere observation. It has no relevance to the top earning but only the top awards. A change is necessary to know the top earners in their earning order.
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