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    How does a bald man feel when another combs his hair?

    During our childhood we have read or learnt from our elders that we must not cause pain to others by our action. We must not ridicule a lame man. A blind man must be helped by all means. A stammering person must not be mocked. Others must not stammer ridiculing a stammering man.

    As we should not mock a stammering man, this should be applicable for a bald man also. Baldness can be treated as physical deficiency. So, a bald man may feel pain or may suffer from inferiority complex when he observes others combing their luxurious hair.

    As we have learnt that we must not mock others by our action, I feel that others must not comb their hair in front of a bald man. We must try to feel for a bald man. We must try to understand how a bald man feels when he notices others combing their hair.
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    The author has brought in some natural happenings among the human beings that by ridiculing some one with deficiency we do get little bit happiness and that is fully questioned by the author. I have seen many bald head persons carrying a comb with them and they keep on combing much to the astonishment of full hair persons. In that case laugh is the natural phenomenon. Nevertheless bald head is the natural happening over ageing process and that cannot be avoided for many. However some people are spending too much money for hair transplant and even sporting with wig to look young and arresting. However what I feel that baldness is not a curse. It is also a fashion statement. Those who are young and on seeing a bald person they start giving respect by virtue of age. So that means you have come out of young generation and getting old. Therefore cherish the transformation and live happily.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: I am requesting people not to comb their hair in presence of bald people, because such act of combing hair may be very painful to bald persons.
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    But what I am saying that many bald head persons are carrying comb with them and styling their hair much to the laughing of onlookers. It is not that we are insulting, but they are making a laughing stock of themselves.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A bald head person can comb whatever little hair he is having on his head. If the hair is Zero nobody can comb it. So I think a bald person can carry a comb in his pocket. I don't find any thing wrong in that.

    In our village there is a boy who is having the problem of stammering. Another boy used to imitate him and laugh at him. By doing this many times, the other boy left with the habit of stammering. Now he has become a laughing stock for others. So we should not mock others.

    It is not good to mock others and show them their weakness always. If possible try to help a man who is suffering. Otherwise leave him and let him live on his own but don't mock him. A day will come people may laugh at you also. We are like this today. Tomorrow we don't know how we will be?

    always confident

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    Nowadays baldness is a style and is welcomed by many. I have seen many young men sporting bald head by getting removed whatever hair remain on their balding head. Many times the thick haired onlookers have looked on the shining pate with envy. Bald headed people use the opportunity to walk under sun because then that can be used as an excuse to wear a cap and hide their baldness.

    In the modern days when the thick haired also fully shave their head to show a clean bald head, who is going to bother if others use comb in front of them? Just yesterday I met a twenty five- some youth happily rubbing his hand on his head which he transformed into a glazed- tile- like- finish after the previous day hair -cut and styling.

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    There is nothing to envy or worry about. Most of the olds get bald except ladies. I don't think any old will feel bad when they see others comb their hair. What about the people who tonsure. Should they worry temporarily and long for a comb? No No No.. A dream thread from a good old bald man.
    No life without Sun

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    What about the poor hairy man? Won't he feel bad to see a free baldy guy who spends hardly any time to fix his non-existent hair? This guy has to keep fixing every time the wind blows, or when he takes off helmet and every time he wakes up, etc. He would feel envious of the bald man, so maybe bald men should wear a wig so they don't offend the hairy ones. The majority is with the haired-up people both male and female, while the baldies are in a minority.

    Perhaps the bald ones should be penalized for reflecting the hot sun away from their own absorption of heat from the sun, and adding extra load to the ones with hair, who'd absorb more heat upon their non-reflective head matter. And the story goes on and on.

    In any case, haven't we learned to avoid brushing hair in a public place? Flying hair, dust and dandruff bits, etc. can be offensive to anyone. Hair brushing goes in the same category as oral hygiene and other things done in the restroom.

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