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(This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 28th May - 3rd June'17 on the topic - Nature)
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    Protection of God Gifted Beautiful Nature

    As we all know that the natural environment surrounded by us is called as nature, it can be plants, animals, clouds, rivers, sea, flowers, birds, forest, mountain, valleys, etc. We should be thankful to God for providing such a beautiful nature. Early in the morning, we can see the sunrise, listen to birds singing, flowers blooming, clouds moving around, sounds of lakes, etc. Our mind, body, and soul gets relaxed and refreshed seeing such a lovely nature.

    Even though God has gifted such a divine nature we human beings don't even bother to look at its beauty and are too much engrossed in worldly pursuits. In fact, instead of enjoying the beauty, we humans directly or indirectly are destroying the nature by deforestation, burning of grasslands, hunting animals, pollution, wasting water, and so on. In this thread, I would like to raise the ecological awareness in people of environmental protection. We must open our inward eyes and ears.

    Although we cannot bring back the animal species, we can still protect them and make sure they are not affected in any way. We can prevent the ozone layers getting further ruin by solving the issue of pollution and global warming. We can prevent and reduce pollution by recycling paper, plastics, aluminum cans, and other materials to reduce garbage in landfills. These are the few simple ways which every man can do to conserve nature.
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    A Good fervent appeal from the author urging us to protect the nature for the benefit of ourselves and future generation. If every person has the feeling of live and let live policy probably the authors notion would be right and that is possible too. But in the name of development the human being try to encroach the nature and animal habitat and try to eliminate them to create housing environment for the human being. So animals must get their share of staying in the land otherwise there cannot be natural balance. The cattle, the birds, the animals, the vegetables, the flowers and the water must coexist so that the nature sets in bloom always. In a garden when the flowers are seen with full bloom we get inner satisfaction on seeing those flowers and get renewed for the day but when we pluck those flowers for our personal use, the purpose is lost.
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    Really the problem as on date is pollution. The environment is getting completely spoiled with various unwanted gases, liquid effluents and waste solids that are being let out by all of us. How many ACs are working and how many refrigerators are used in our household and in offices. What sort of gases are being emitted by these cooling systems. Similarly how many factories are leaving gases and other pollutants into atmosphere without properly treating them with the help of selfish officers certifying their activities. The selfish people are spoiling the nature. The very high temperatures and untimely rains are because of these practices only. The cool and quiet nature is also getting angry for this kind of acts and punishing us with natural disasters. So please save the nature and live a happy life.
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    The natural beauty and serene environment is the gift of nature to mankind. It is something given to us free and for all time. We the humans must respect and protect this by contributing at our level whatever little we can. Protecting and maintaining is the only way for the security and survival of coming generations on this planet. We can not pay back to the nature even a fraction of what it has bestowed on us. Why then we should make it barren and ugly. It is very irresponsible and foolish act if we are destroying its ambience by cutting trees, throwing trash here and there and other such things. We must at any cost preserve this green earth in its natural form and should not convert it in a big grave by our immature and myopic mentality.
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    The natural beauty is explained by the author and what are the things in the nature are explained.
    The Mother Nature gifts us alot of thing's but we are wasting and also polluting the things which are given by the Mother Nature.

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