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    Like Articles, Forum posts may also be allowed to be re-published

    Over the last 20 months, I am active in Forum section. Except forum section, I occasionally contribute in various other sections like Articles section. During this period, I have seen many beautiful Forum posts from many Members. However, there is a restriction of not responding to Forum posts after 10 days. Furthermore, as the number of Forum posts are comparatively more, it is very dificult to find and re-read a good Forum post after even 3 days.

    In view of above, I propose that there should be an option in Forum section (like Articles section) to re-publish Forum posts. If a Member wants to re-publish his/her particular Forum post(s), he/she may be allowed to do that. However, the Editors can impose a reasonable restriction like limiting such re-published Forum posts to 5 posts per month per Member. There should be another restriction that a Forum post can be republished only after six months (like Articles section).

    Webmaster, Managing Editor and Members may kindly consider my suggestion.
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    What I feel that forum is created to discuss the current topics and burning topics that affect our country and that is happening around us. In that case re -publishing the old forum may not have the great acceptance once again. In fact every member must be alert enough to observe the things happening closely and report the same with their own view point and seek our intervention and suggestion. That way our forum would look new and activities are aimed at new topics. But certain old forum threads which gone missing from our attention can be considered for re-publishing. But again the matter and the editor observance on the issue must be solicited.
    K Mohan
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    There are many good posts which could have been missed by the Members for various reasons. Such threads (with universal appeal and which transcends the boundary of time) may be allowed to be re-published.
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    It is a good proposal. When we go through the list of postings, sometimes we find some beautiful posts which are not discussed in the forum section. But as the post is older than 10 days we are not able make our view there. This may be happening to many members. Hence this proposal sounds logical. The Webmaster, Managing Editor, Editors and other decision makers may give a thought to this.
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    I don't think the suggestion can be implemented in the forum section. Even if it is done on the lines of article section, the rule would be that only the author who raised a thread would be able to re-publish the same. In a scenario where most of the threads are virtually abandoned by authors and also those who respond to them, I feel a facility to re-publish threads will not be effective as perceived. However, the suggestion has been put up to the admin for consideration.
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    Saji at least if the suggestion is considered, the active and regular members can use the facility so that their unattended posts can be given face over and re published.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I expect sharing of opinion by the Members on the issue. So far, only Mr. Mohan and Dr. Rao have expressed their opinion. The Lead Editor, Mr. Ganesh, has, as usual, opposed the proposal.
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    I am against this suggestion for a number of reasons.

    1. The re-publish feature in the articles has been provided for SEO purposes, so that a good article which was getting traffic can be republished with a new date & thereby be considered fresh by search engines. The same reason cannot be applied to the forum as many forum threads do not get traffic & republishing just about any thread serves no purpose.

    2. Republishing a forum thread will give it a fresh date and bring it to the front page of the forum. If that is the aim, then actually all a member has to do is to post a response in the thread to bring it back to the front page. This, though, should not be done by the thread author with the sole aim to keep his/her own thread in the spotlight. There should be some relevant reason for reviving the old thread.

    3. #2 is not valid for old threads as we discourage pulling up threads which are over 10 days old. However, as we have stated, if a member likes an old thread, then he/she can start a fresh thread, give a link to the old one, & expound his/her views on that thread's topic. Also, we do allow responses even in old threads in certain exceptional cases, such as further clarification which the author of the thread needs with reference to AdSense, some issue to do with the payment invoice, etc.

    All in all, I generally feel there will be a lot of chaos with republishing of old threads with members likely misusing the feature simply to promote their own threads. We would rather have fresh threads than needlessly see a revival of threads which are buried in the back pages.

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