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    Nature nurtures our feelings

    Nature nurtures our feelings.It is created by God almighty.It sings songs in the form of birds in the praise of God almighty.The high mountains,the low valley,the thousands of species of plants and animals also show the power of almighty.The flowing rivers the blowing winds are all created by him.The sky ,which are filled with clouds are showing his power.The beauty of nature attracts us.The eco sounds and tell us don't disturb the nature ,it is our lives.
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    Well said by the author. If we watch the nature closely we can enjoy it much than just observing it. The sounds of birds early in the morning is the wake up call for us to brace up for the day. The alert of Cock early in the morning is the alarm wake up call for us to get up from the bed and start the day. When crows make noise in front of our house, it is the indication of some relatives coming to our house. If a dog was howling in the vicinity of our house is the bad omen and something bad is going to happen. So nature has created as the helping hand for the human being at their every walks of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nature is a gift of God. It is for the happiness of human beings. When you get up and start walking in the early morning, the breeze that is coming, the different sound made by different birds and snow covered atmosphere gives us a good feeling and we will enjoy our walk. God has created nature. It is equal for all. Anybody wants can enjoy the nature. No reservations and no special Darshans. No VIPs. We need not wait to see and enjoy the nature, till the VIP goes. Only one thing is we should have that interest to enjoy the nature. If you sit on a river side hear the sound of flowing water, you will forget the present problems and enjoy the atmosphere very much.
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    While the author and other members explains about the feeling of happiness with nature, recently I got a different feeling.

    I was in a depressed mood and fear to come out of certain situation and on my scooter ride, I have seen such a big snake crossing a small bridge across the river very nearer to my front wheel and on seeing that, I literally shouted and the whole body got goosebumps and shivered.

    But when I come out of that feeling, I even felt the earlier depressed mood and fear too got over and got a fresh mind. It is my real experience very recently about a week before.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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