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    Successful Translation workshop at Dhvanyaloka.

    The long awaited days are over. I successfully attend Sarasa workshop at Dhvanyaloka and returning home. As usual Dhvanyaloka is superb and I felt bad to leave it. I presented my translation of Ms. T. Srivalli Radhika's short story and got good response. I met a new friend Ammel Sharon, a research scholar. She is an awesome girl. Bold, enthuastic, intelligent and very friendly. I met senior translators and professors like T.V. Subbarao sir and his daughter Prof. Revati Sasi Priya, RVS Sundaram sir, Srinivas reddy sir, and KNS Murthy sir. I felt privileged to be with them and its an excellent experience to learn something from them. This workshop made me feel that when you know the language of love and knowledge the regional languages aren't an obstruction for you to learn from every where. I don't know Kannad still I could understand them when they spoke about subject. I just had time enough to see Mysore Palace. What an awesome place. Royalty, beauty, luxury , grandeaur, piousness and beautiful nature mingled into one. I wanted to go to R.K. Narayan house but missed it. I will definitely go next time. Finally one word, everyone should attend such workshops and seminars of their relevant subjects to forget the world and take a deep swim in the subject to strengthen you.
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    My hearty congrats to the author for successfully completing the translation workshop and also meeting eminent in that fields. I wish the author could write a article on that experience for the benefit of the members.
    K Mohan
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    It is very nice to know that the author attended the translation workshop and successfully completed the course. It may be nice time to her in meeting many eminent people in the field. I hope she will share her acquired knowledge through some of the sections of this forum.
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    Definitely... I will write an article. I am very eager to share my experience.
    Carpe Diem

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