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    Is it human nature to spoil the God gifted ‘Nature’. ?

    The nature has given us everything to live on. Fresh air to breath, fresh water to drink, fresh fields to get food. Nature is very beautiful. One can enjoy the beauty forgetting all the difficulties of life. Nature is absorbing all the waste created by us and giving all required for our life. The carbon dioxide we leave out is utilized by trees and gives us fresh air to breath. If there is no Oxygen on earth, you can't be there, I can't be there and any one can't be there. The liquid and solid wastes we are generating are swallowed by earth and giving all types of food grains and vegetables. Nature is giving water, which is very essential for human life. No water, no mankind. In fact, a living human being, animal and birds, are completely dependent on this nature to live on.
    Nature treats everyone equally. It gives all its positives to all living things. No VIP culture, only EIP culture. No reservations. No special treatment tickets. No rich and no poor. Nature is distributing its flavor to all equally and taking pains to absorb whatever we leave out.
    In addition to all above nature is giving happiness to you. Early morning when you get up and go for a walk, you feel happy to hear the voices of various birds, you will enjoy the cool breeze and the due covered roads without any artificial sounds. In the evening, you go to river shore and sit for some time. You will enjoy the music of water flow across the river. You will forget all the problems, at no cost. We need not stand in a que and purchase ticket. It is available to you without any cost. As a human being it is our duty to preserve this nature without spoiling that.
    But the nature of humans is inhuman. For our selfish motto, we are all ditching the nature and spoiling to that extent, that nature will revolt on us.
    We use air conditioners and refrigerators and leave all toxic gases to the atmosphere. We leave all industrial wastes into nature without treating them properly. We leave all liquid wastes to rivers and lakes and spoil the water. It has become the nature of human beings to spoil the nature.
    Finally, it is my sincere request to all please don't spoil the nature and pass it on to the next generation at least in the same as we received if not improved.

    This is my post for tow contest.
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    Yes right from many years human being are alone responsible for destroying and removing God gifted nature. When questioned why the nature has to be disturbed, the person would shot back as when the development has to be done, nature has to be destroyed. In this regard I wish to pat Larsen and Tourbo the company engaged for constructing Hyderabad Metro train has trans-located many trees which were on the route path and thus proved a example for the other constructions company to follow. Not a singe tree was cut and in fact they distributed tree guards and saplings to the colony societies for growing more trees.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think it's in human nature that whatever things he get readymade on his doorsteps or he gets in abundance, he is tended to exploit it recklessly. Moreover, the greed of us humans is really limitless and we as the self-centric people can stretch our desires to the utmost exploitation of nature but the best part is that there are some people who still get some of the measures to save nature and try to restore it in the best possible way.

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    Thanks Dr Rao, your write up resonates my views,but presented in a different style;your own style.

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    My view is different. If we think seriously we will find that from the very beginning of civilization, human being is destroying nature. When men used to stay in jungles, even then they used to cut the trees to light fire. The same tradition is continuing at a much greater scale. So, among all animals, human beings are the enemy of nature. Both can't co-exist.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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