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    Will record food production pave way for cheap rate of rice and pulses ?

    This year India is going to reap bumper crop. Rice estimated to yield 109.15 million tons. Pulses 22.4 million tons. Wheat yield 97.44 million tons. Old seeds 33.60 million tons. Food grains estimated at 273.38 million tons. So with this bumper crop, there should be downward fall of rice, wheat, pulses and oil rates. And added to that new GST would facilitate no tax on essentials and thus Middle class and poor are going to be benefited from the down fall of food grain prices soon. What is your opinion on this matter.
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    Yes this year it is reported that food production is high. But the expenses for farmers are also high. Taking these things into consideration government has to decide officially for all items standard prices. I hope the rates may not increase if not decreased. However because of GST,there will be some reduction in taxes which is going to cost less to the consumer. It is good to hear. However let us see for the results.
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    Everything looks so rosy when you read about it and/or hear about it. What actually counts is the actual outcome. Will what is projected get translated into reality? Will all these benefits actually percolate down to the common man? Will the cost of commodities really come down? As of now I am shocked to see string beans selling at Rs.184 per kg.

    Bumper crops and good monsoons have been predicted. Let us hope that happens. I am a firm believer in what my mother always said – don't count your chickens before they have hatched. I will wait and watch and celebrate only after I see the change.

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    If there is going to be a bumper harvest and record food production, I welcome it. I pray let it be so. Let the farmers(real producers) get deserving price and be happy, let the consumers also get it at less price and they also be happy.

    Let the country's productivity also increase. Let that induce others also to come to the agriculture activities.

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    There is a minimum support price for agricultural commodities recommended by the Government. If there is a bumper crop, the agricultural commodities will be exported by the traders. I do not foresee any price cuts in these items. The farmers will be benefitted by the good crops.
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    When there is bumper crop, the government cannot store more due to buffer stock shortage of godown and hence it has to pass the stock to the market and that will reduce the price due to high supply.
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    The Government does not buy all the agricultural commodities. The farmers have to sell part of the produce to the traders and they will export them. Do not expect any reduction in prices, unless the Government takes some measures which will not be forthcoming.
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