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    The ways and means of try to get back the nature.

    There are many artificial changes made in earth like destruction, deforestation and hence the whole globe is struggling with many talk of the globe like global warming, pollution etc.,

    Inspite of all these man made challenges to earth, there are some people or organisation which are on the way of re creating the nature by many ways and means and this thread is to discuss about the various means by members.

    To start with let me put some of the initiatives in this direction.

    In Tamil Nadu, Isha foundation has initiated the ecological grass root namely Project green hands. Through this initiative, the mission is to plant 114 million trees in Tamil Nadu and increase the forest cover to 33 percent in the state.

    In Karnataka, there is a novel idea created by Uttishta Bharatha and people got together for this venture to spend a day for nature. Seed balls prepared using red soil or local soil with cow dung and urine and dough is prepared using needed water and seeds are rolled withing balls and dried for 3 to 4 hours in medium sun light and kept it in dry place for future use. These balls can be thrown in barren lands in monsoon so as to enable to convert barren lands into lush green forests. The kind of seeds used are those require minimum water and less maintenance like avenue trees or neem , babul or tamarind. This project has been initiated since 2015.

    So members may come with more such initiatives for the knowledge of others and main motto is to re create the nature and in turn safe guard us.

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    The Telangana government which initiated Haritha Haram across the state and planted so many saplings has even won the award from the central government for replenishing the lost greenery. That way every state must give a thought to improve our green cover in the surroundings. Who ever destroying the trees or cutting them to pave way for structural development , they must erect trees elsewhere to compensate the loss of the tree thus cut. That way we should maintain the counts of trees and that should be increasing and not decreasing. Hope environmental scientists also works on this thought.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you Mohan for the additional information and hope more such information may be added by others too.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    As informed by Mr.Mohan Telangana has started Haritha Haram. The state pollution control board is insisting for plantation area in all the industrial units.

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister also giving lot of thrust for plantation. In every village,town and city, many plants are being planted to improve greenery

    But what I feel is they are not adequate for up keep of this nature. Every person should take a oath that they will plant at least one plant in their house and if there in no space, somewhere outside the house also everybody should plant as many plants as possible. Another concept recently coming is roof top garden. This can also be tried.

    Another initiative to be taken is use public transport and minimise private transport..

    always confident

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    The saying of Dr Rao about roof top garden, reminds of me of the news /article I have read about vertical gardens and recently Bengaluru gets its first vertical garden in Hosur Road. People may welcome to google about vertical garden to know about it and get benefitted by it for biodiversity. It can even be done in houses and that is popular in else where part of the globe.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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