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    Can all be educated?

    I experienced that the majority of problems happening in India is due to lack of education. Education is the soul of understanding. It's not just learning history, geography but developing a sense of ethical values. If these values are properly understood then social crimes can be significantly controlled.

    But apart from this we know that there are different sections of society where the importance of education varies greatly. Some sections don't realise this and therefore neglect it. So awareness of education is important but yet difficult.

    Do you agree to my views - if yes, then recommend some solutions.
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    Yes every one can be educated and that is really possible. How ? , Each one should teach one. One need not go to the school and learn the education. Suppose you have the maid servant and her children. You can take the responsibility of educating them at the home. If you can make them how to talk, how to write, how to understand, how to behave , that is enough for the present day world to survive. One need not have the Masters degree for that. Yes there are certain sections in the society in which they wont allow the children for learning. And for them the best way is to impart education at the home itself. Moreover what is the use of we acquiring education ? We must reach out to at least one person in our life and impart them the education for free. That way if every one thinks, there could be total literacy across the country.
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    Everyone can be literate, but no, not all can be educated. Education is little bit tougher than literacy.
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    Literacy is different from educated. We can teach how to write , how to read and how to speak.They may read . This is Literacy. Education is to understand the topic.

    In india Literates are very lee. There is lot of illiteracy. By teaching one person to one more we can increase the literacy rate.

    As told by Mr. Abhishek, developing sense of ethical values may not come with this education. This depends on the family culture, the way in which we were brought up and how our parents tune us. Ethical values are to be imbibed by the individual. This depends on the nature of the person. I feel parents should take up the responsibility of creating awareness to their children about human values, ethical values and human behavior. Then they will become responsible citizens of this country.

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    Basic education is very essential for awareness. Awareness brings understanding and understanding brings wisdom.

    After basic education one is free to go for technical and job related courses and it is not necessary that every one goes for higher education.

    In a populous country it is a herculean task to give education to all but efforts can be made in that direction. Education is the medicine for many social diseases and its introduction to the downtrodden masses is the key to upliftment.

    Knowledge is power.

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