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    Never throw away grand father trunk Iron box. It is more stronger than today's suitcase.

    Every house might be having the old articles of the elders of the house and that surely includes their trunk iron box. That box they would keep securely with lock and keep and also have some important documents of their life and also pension money. Normally we try to discard the old materials and throw them out or dispose off with Kabadi wala. But never do such mistake with trunk box. Because it is very strong and you cannot get that type of box these days. Moreover we should keep those items for their remembrance. Do you possess such items ?
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    Yes. I do have my father's old steel trunk and my mother's steel trunk. They are still being used and are in a good state.. Old is gold to feel proud and hold.

    @ Instead of calling it as 'Trunk iron box', it can be simply said as 'steel trunk or trunk or steel box'

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    Almost all houses will have some articles which are very old and acquired from their ancestors. The quality of those articles will be much better than the items available today.

    My grandfather had a wooden almirah which is made of quality teak wood and very strong. My younger brother wanted it. Now the almirah is with him. My grand father had a iron safe which was used by him for keeping the money and important papers. The same is available at our native place. I have a trunk iron box which was given to my mother by my grandfather when she was coming to my father's place first time. The same is taken by me and it is now with me. A very strong box. My wife kept it safely in the house. A good box.

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    It is almost similar to the one I have explained it in the Me, a Box contest. Thanks Mohan I can link the two threads for future reference.
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    Very interesting thread and I am also possessing one such trunk which I took from my house long back when I embarked upon a journey to a far off place to join my first job. That time trunk and holdals were the things we usually took with us during journeys.

    It is the fashion which has made these luggage carriers as the thing of past otherwise as Mohan has very rightly indicated they are far more superior in strength and durability.

    This thread has rekindled many old memories associated with these items. Anyway I liked the thread and enjoyed it and appreciate the author for bringing this to a forum.

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    Great that even the present generation feel the importance of such old stuff and keep with them as the remembrance and also for its quality.
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