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    Why Kerala is not developed industrially?

    Kerala is one of the state in India which has high literacy rate, culturally rich and great, but this state has not developed industrially. There is no good major industry in Kerala to appreciate. There is no manufacturing units. Keralites prefer to work abroad and in other states that their native state.

    Why Kerala is not developing and progressing industrially? What could be the reason? Is it the unsuitability of the land or unsuitability for the people or the state politics?
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    Kerala is a very rich state. Many of the people from this state migrate to other countries and earn money there. Many beautiful places are there to visit and enjoy. People are good. The famous VSSC belonging to ISRO is located in Trivandrum of Kerala. But as you said there are no major Industries in this state.Youth from this state prefer to go abroad and work there rather than working here. Hence manpower is costly and manpower is not available. Another reason is this state is under the rule of communists for long. Probably they are not giving much thrust for industrialization. When there is no encouragement from government. entrepreneurs may not like to start industries in that state.
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    Natural /geographical boundaries of western ghats, more water islands within the state could not afford the state to be industry oriented.
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    Kerala is not fully occupied with the western ghats. There are plain terrains for many hundred kilometres which are not being utilised. Probably, it is the communists who don't encourage industries in Kerala. Due to the attitude of Kerala politicians and the lovers of communism, outsiders are not willing to set up any industry in Kerala.

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    Kerala is a very small state. Its area is 38863 sq km and is 22nd in the order of area among states in India. Below Kerala is only the NE states, Goa, Delhi and the UTs. However it is 12 th in population and density of population is 859 as per 2011 census. In Density of population Kerala is 3 rd among the states.

    The total of areas in highlands - hills and mountains and coastal area or lowland s is about 50 percent of the total area. That means vacant land sufficient for large industries is not available in Kerala.

    This is one basic reason of absence of large industries in Kerala. However Kerala is not devoid of large industries. Kerala has large industries(most of them in public sector) Like Fertilizers And Chemicals Travancore Limited , Indian Rare Earths , Hindustan Insecticide Limited , Hindustan Machine Tools , Travancore Cochin Chemicals, Bharath Petroleum Company Limited , Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited , Hindustan Organic Chemicals, COCHIN SHIPYARD , Transformers and Electrical Kerala Limited etc. There were a few large industries in private sector like There is Hindustana Aluminum Ltd and Philips Carbon Black also in Kerala. However many industries like Toshiba Anand, Travancore Rayons Ltd, Mavoor Rayons etc had to close down. There are many medium and small industries.

    However much private capital is not coming to Kerala due to the powerful political trade unionism, high labour cost and public consciousness against capitalist exploitation, pollution etc. As land is not available, but skilled and educated labour is available, the state has now turned its attention to less polluting, less land consuming industries like Electronics, IT and telecom sector. Kerala became pioneer in this by starting KELTRON, and then Technopark and Infopark .There is an Export processing zone in Kochi.

    As it is a consumption state, trade and commerce units are more .

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    Normally those states which are in sea shores are fully depend on sea foods and the business would be on that line. In Kerala too there is vast sea coast and people are eking out the their livelihood. Moreover Kerala has been voting for mixed kind of government every time. While Communists wants employees rights protected and they want to set up new Industries, where as the Congress led government wont heed to that request. Hence Kerala suffered a set back and no new Industries came up. Moreover there is no public demand as such for the employed as every house is having a employee working in foreign country and they are earning too good money.
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