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    Will playing with nature result in extinction of human race?

    In the blind race for technical progress and urban developement we are forgetting to preserve the nature and abusing it in many ways.

    Dangerous chemicals are being dumped in the rivers, accidental industrial wastes are flowing in seas affecting marine life and industrial fumes and gases are damaging the protective covering of earth - ionosphere.

    There are many other activities like mining, deforestation and over exploitation of groundwater which are affecting the flora and fauna in adverse ways.

    All this coupled with lethal nuclear bombs, religious hostility and expansionist policies of some countries is leading this world towards a fearful future.

    If we are going like this it is definitely a path of self destruction. This will eventually make this beautiful planet inhabitable one day and who knows the human species may extinct with it.
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    Very well said. There is no respect for nature. Everybody tries to exploit the nature with their unlawful methods. Yes river water is getting polluted , air is getting polluted. Ozone layer is getting damaged. Forests are becoming concrete forests. So it is nothing but self destruction only.

    All these activities coupled with the selfish rulers and criminal activities of people, really the future is very fearful.

    We should amend our ways . Otherwise it may be a doubtful tomorrow only.

    always confident

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    The author raised a valid point through tow topic. Only today I was watching the news video on the plight of a Bengaluru lake which has become ice froth and the filth was being blown out to the road from the lake and thus the chemicals presence in the lake is being converted into ice froth which is flying in the air. If the children come into contact with them playfully it will severely affect their skin and the damage could be more. Shame on the government which is not taking any action either to stop chemicals being sent into this lake from Industries not doing some alternative arrangement.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This thread is found to be thought provoking.

    Many civilizations in the past such as Indus Valley, Mayan, Easter islanders, Incas, Anasazi, Norse, Angkor etc. were collapsed due to the damage inflicted on environment by those societies.

    One important thing we learned from the collapse of the past civilizations is that a society's steep decline may begin only in a decade or two after it reaches its peak in numbers, wealth and power. Maximum population, wealth, resource consumption, waste production means maximum environmental impact. Our new world society reaches its peak and started the decline. It is going to collapse one day as that of ancient civilization. Technology and globalization are trying to prolong our civilization

    We are thinking that technology will solve all our problems. But the track record is saying opposite. Technology solved many problems but at the same time it created new ones. Many places are turned hostile to human habitation. We started thinking to build climate controlled cities to retreat to safer places. We don't know the consequences.

    How we can be the survivors when tomorrow comes is the question now.

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