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    What is the difference among 'centre' and 'center'?

    Yes, I often confuse between the two. Hindi meaning of both the words is 'Kendra'. For instance take an example of central government, centre of the circle, coaching center etc. Please explain.
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    I think the meaning of Center or Centre is the same. Center is the American English which referred to the authority controlling others. And the word Centre is used by other countries.
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    The difference is in the spelling. The British English which we use in India spells the word with an 're'. The Americans however, spell it with an 'er'.

    The confusion happens because everything these days is computerised, and most of the text is available in American English. Many people have begun to accept the American version of the spelling.

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    There is absolutely no difference. In British English, the word is spelt as 'centre', whereas in American English, it is written as 'center'. Similarly, the British people write 'colour', whereas the Americans write 'color'. Americans tend to simplify the spelling rule.
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    Centre and Center will mean the same. British English and American English. Many times I also got confused. Finally I have gone through Dictionary and got the confirmation.
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