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    Found a bug in ISC-Social sharing URLs are incorrect

    Maybe I found a bug when the ISC team is still developing something, but this is what I would like to report just in case if there is a mistake on the site so that can be fixed before someone notice.

    Issue: Social sharing buttons on Article page are not rightly pointing to correct URL except Google plus & Facebook page.

    Steps to replicate the issue:

    1. Go to link:

    2. Scroll to footer to find social sharing buttons (Follow Us)

    3. Mouseover or click on each icon such as facebook, twitter etc and you find it's actually not working properly and is taking to article page again. Ideally, it should share the page on Facebook, Twitter etc.

    Note: the same issue found on header as well beside the profile name placed top-right-corner of the page

    Hope it helps to fix the issue if it is intended to work so, ignore this thread.
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    Thanks for reporting the issue here and our web master Tony has been constantly striving to keep this site clean and ever popular and hence such issues would be attended and the bug will be fixed.
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    Two days back the same problem I noticed. But I am not aware of that there is a problem. I thought some thing is wrong with me. I want to ask my sons about this problem. Meanwhile I have seen this post. So now I need not worry. They will correct it now. Thanks for educating me.
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    The matter has been reported to the admin.

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    Shyam, our Webmaster has intimated that the issue is in the 'to do' list and is being looked into. It may take some time but will be taken care of.
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