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    Do you know ISC is also testing our patience ?

    Yes ISC is also testing our patience. How ? When ever you want to select any thread to read or respond, it will not select and the page jumps at least for two times when we click the link and thus in the jumping melee the other thread is clicked. Then we have to try again. Again the jumps happen and this time too we invariably click other thread to which we are not interested at all. Having running out of patience, we finally wait for the page to jump two or three times and when the page is static and if we click, the link get connected to the desired page. At last we get the page after two tries. That is patience tested.
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    This must have something to do with the network or your system. I am not facing this problem. The thread that I select always opens. Maybe you are not allowing the page to load fully.

    Let's see if anyone else is facing this problem. It is new to me - not faced it.

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    I get this problem when I am using my mobile to access any website. Since the page load takes some time, the links change the location on the screen and it is difficult to click on the right link during the process.

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    Mr. Mohan, Are you using mobile for browsing this site. I use laptop regularly. I never experienced this problem. Sometimes it happens to all the sites if the net is not stable. But there is no problem of jumping specifically with this site. Are you not facing this problem only with ISC or other sites also. I have no problem.
    Please talk to your net provider.

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    Yes as told by Mohan it is faced by me too and it may be true as per Juana's. We should not be hurry in clicking. Also sometimes it depends on the service provider. In some service provider, there is a possibility of getting additional ad page too. As I am frequently travelling, I have used many service provider and could see many difference between service providers.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is not happening with me. I am quite comfortable and satisfied with my clicking and getting the right page without any high jump or long jump. It could be the problem of the member's hurry, worry and haste to work fast at ISC.
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    I also face the problem as elaborated by Mr. Mohan. May be ISC website always jumps in joy whenever I open this site!
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    I am using desk top computer only and every time the ads takes time to take positions and at that time the dancing takes place which takes our cursor arrows to other links.
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    So far I have not experienced this either in laptop or mobile.

    I am a bit slow in selecting and clicking on links also. Does it have any relation to jumping?

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    Mohan, I recall that you had mentioned about similar issue of 'jumping pages,in this thread.

    Is it the same problem continuing?

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    The responses to the author's thread under reference in the response by Venkiteswaran sir above does not appear to have helped in clearing his doubts. It would have been nice if, at least while typing the contents, the author could have recollected that he had posted a similar thread just about two months back.
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    When there is no solution addressed by webmaster on the issue, such thread would be raised by others too in future.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan,,
    It is not a problem faced by all ISCians except Mr Mohan and others at times due to incorrect hasty clicking to get jumped. Hence the Web Masters have no solution to your issue. You only have raised this issue earlier and now, while others have no such issue at all. Please be careful while clicking the thread titles. Don't be in a hurry to work at ISC. Adopt a take it easy policy.

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