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    Six tastes. Which taste you like.

    The sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent are the six tastes prescribed by Ayurveda. Each taste combine with other in countless ways to create many flavors. Each of this taste is having its unique qualities and are required for the well being of mankind.

    The taste of people varies Some people like sweet. Some like salty taste. Others like pungent taste
    I like sweet more. What taste you like?

    Our life is a mix of all these tastes. Some incidents are very sweetish, some are bitter and some are pungent. But we have to taste all irrespective of our liking. To indicate this only on Telugu New year day a dish is made of having all the tastes equally. It is our custom to eat that on Ugadi day before we eat anything
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    Very peculiar but interesting thread. The telugu dish containing all the taste is an amazing information.I have many telugu friends and I think I will get opportunity to taste it. Taste is an individual choice and depends on which family or community one is brought up. I remember one incident of my student life in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) when my parents took me to one tamil family who offerred Upma to us. As for me it was first time to see Upma and when I tasted it I immediately pulled back and could not compromise with the salty dish. We in our area always had sweet suji/rava haluwa and it was difficult for me to accept a salty suji/rava. Today I am taking Upma as a regular snack and I enjoy it. So taste perception also changes with time and different places one visits.
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    What I feel that we should not subject our taste buds to a particular taste and we must habituated to accept all the six tastes which are essential for our body and health. That is the reason being so for every one to taste the six great tastes, We make Ugadi pachhadi on the Telugu new years day, which has all the six tastes. While every one habituated to sweet, salty taste, very less want to have sour, pungent , bitter and astringent taste. The diabetic patients must eat the bitter guard curry every week or take bitter guard juice every week so that their health would be constant. Like that amla, kala jamun tastes are on that line.
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    I have a sweet tooth and can never say no to sweets. Your liking of a particular taste can tell a lot about your personality. If you are sweetening your food more than actually required, then you yearn for happiness in life.
    And people who spice things up, have a love for adventures. People who like sour food are eccentric and unpredictable in nature. They can be greedy too.
    A simple, tasteless diet shows you are composed and content.

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    I liked sugar and gone diabetic. I liked salt and increased my blood pressure. I liked sour and developed knee pain. I liked pungent and got appendices.

    Now I like only bitter and astringent.

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