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    Bharathanrithyam Arangetram customs

    My husband and I just received an invitation for a Bharathanrithyam Arangetram. I need guidance on the custom - do we have to take a gift for the child? If yes, what would be an appropriate gift? The girl is 14, and the daughter of a couple, who were in the same service, as my husband. The event is followed by dinner.

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    Arangetram in any art form is the first public performance by the student or learner . Arangetram is done only after the student learns the basics and fundamentals of that art form. It is done only after the teacher feels confident that the student can perform independently with confidence and do properly whatever is taught inside the class. In Arangetram the student is made to perform with the accompaniments and costumes.

    What is expected of an invited guest is, to watch the performance and give encouragements and blessings. If very close, then some gift as a token of appreciation of the performance and as an encouragement can be given. The gift can be anything suitable and useful to the student as per its age(useful for either in academics or in the art learning further). Depending on the closeness eve a small gold finger ring also can be gifted. Gifts to be given after the performance only as appreciation of performance. Generally that is not expected. A pat on the back, some good words and word of appreciation to the teacher are all that is needed. A person who also knows the art can be helpful in giving encouraging suggestions too.
    (Arangetram means taking the stage)

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    What I feel that take a flower ladi or flower mala which is available ready in any flower bazar and before the start of the event, adore the child with the flower mala and that would be the befitting gesture from your side.
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    Generally, an Arangetram is to tell the world that the girl has completed her learning and is now a full pledged dancer, and ready to perform on the stage. It is her first show on the stage to show off her performance. It is like a test for her to get the appreciation, criticism, short comings etc. I do not think that the invitees present any gift to the dancer except few words of appreciation and blessings.
    However, what I suggest is – As an appreciation and courtesy, you may present a small idol of Lord Nataraja (The dancing Lord) who is prayed and worshiped by the Bharatnatyam dancers. I think this wonderful gift will please the girl and the person gifted will be ever remembered by the dancer and her family. You can give a good thought to my suggestion. Also, you my check with others..

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    I support Sun's suggestion as it is a relevant one to the occasion. However there is also a chance some others also may gift a similar one, as it is a common rationale.

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    Thank you for your responses.

    Sun, special thanks to you for your good suggestion - I ordered a Nataraja statue, online.

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