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    Nature of industrial waste water should be checked properly to protect our environment

    Our environment is facing lots of problems nowadays. The major problem is the lack of water faced by lots of people in summer days. Water scarcity is a major issue and its danger cannot be expressed here in simple words. In addition, if the water is impure how can we use it? As we all know the major issues of water pollution is the disposal of industrial waste into rivers, lakes and streams. Though there are different factors like usage of pesticides, detergents and oil spilling that makes the water impure, the important factor is the disposal of industrial waste. Most of the lakes, rivers, streams situated in different parts of India are facing problems from industries. As every day, those dangerous industrial wastes are being dumped into those natural resources thereby making it unfit for human uses. The pollutants present in industrial waste water are changing purity of water. As of now, we people are running for good water for meeting our daily needs. It's not easy for every family to buy water by spending huge money. So before giving license to industries, it will be good to make necessary arrangements to check the quality of waste water coming out from those industries. This should be a strict procedure to protect the health of all human beings and also aquatic life.

    This is my entry for TOW contest.
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    This is aptly experienced in TN, especially in Chennai two rivers has been contaminated for so many years and hence could not be used and water scarcity is multiplied. Similarly other rivers Cauvery and Noyyal in the Kongu belt got maximum industrial waste and medical waste. The responsibility is by both Public and government.
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    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author has raised a very important issue through this thread as there is a need for stringent check for the discharged water from the various industries. This discharged water from industries is full of harmful chemicals and destroying the flora and fauna.
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    Yes. It is true Ms .Asha Kurian, There are statutory bodies to see that no effluent without treatment will be left out in to rivers. But, unfortunately, It is India. In this country, personal interests are regarded as important than society interest. In fact many chemical industries are not even having correct treatment plants. Industrialists think that the expenditure on this is unproductive. Added to this the concerned officials of the monitoring department keeps quite for their benefit. If you see the Balanagar area in Hyderabad, the ground water is so contaminated that nobody can use even for washing. This is the position in the Capital of Telangana.

    Everybody should think about the future generations and see that the nature will not get contaminated making difficult for the mankind to live on.

    always confident

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