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(This thread is the Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 28th May - 3rd June'17 on the topic - Nature)
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    Simple thought on being "Nature Smart"

    We humans are potential threat to gifted nature, that is because of our unused or poorly organised selfish wisdom we got by the name of evolution. We stress out doing something all the day which we call it as our duty or work. We do our daily routines for different reasons, we tag it as financial security , family well being , kids future or our dreams. Anything which we think that it is going to take humanity to next level that is messing up the nature. New inventions taking us to the next level but everything's comes with a cost. Destroying nature or its resources is no where going to help upcoming generations to lead a pleasant life. Greedy nature of acquiring new things is a potential waste of natural resources. How many of us are really use our mobile phone till end of its life ? We upgrade if it lacks some unwanted feature which we anyway dont use it daily. This concept of 'upgrading' is a simple example of exploiting of natural resources and increasing toxic electronic wastes. Having a second thought before taking any small decisions like this will give an extended time for worldly species for balanced natural living. Being truly Nature Smart is what we badly need today.
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    My appreciation to the author by coming up with catchy phrase to safeguard the nature and every one today identifies with the word smart and the author has right stressed the need for nature smart.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In our thrust for upgrading our lives we are down playing the nature. When we start any thing new or when we invest some money in any financial instrument,we think that what will be the ultimate gain to us. But in that thought process we will never think about what will happen to the environment if we do this.

    Today we are smart. We are pushing on. Always we are running for development. But a day will come everybody has to walk on the roads with a oxygen mask carrying oxygen cylinder on the back. Then it will cost us very huge.
    The people should realize this and act accordingly. Otherwise this nature will become much more smater than all of us and see that nobody will be there on the earth.

    always confident

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