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    Why BCCI is trying to oust Anil Kumble while he is excelling as a coach for Indian Cricket team?

    Anil Kumble is known to be one of the legendary Indian Cricketer of yesteryear s. He is a highly talented intellectual cricketer who works very hard on the cricket field to fly Indian flag high all the time. He has proved his mettle as a coach for the last one year in the various series India played with different countries. Every Indian cricket lover thought he will be continued as a coach for long duration. Astonishingly BCCI called invitations for a new coach for the next cricket season. The reason coming for this from news agencies is, there is a dispute regarding selection of a player in the past series between Kumble and Kohli. Due to this Kohli don't want Anil Kumble to be continued for the next season. The remaining other players are also against Kumble because he is very strict in his training. Kohli and other senior players want a coach like Ravi shastri who is jovial with them. Do you think is it the right attitude of the captain and other players to reject a serious and talented coach like Anil Kumble?
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    This is simply an ego clash between two greats, Kumble the strict diciplinarian and Kohli the ''happy-go-lucky'.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It is not good to reject a coach who is delivering goods for the cricket in India. When two people are there, there may be some difference of opinions. For small reasons replacing Coach is not a correct move by BCCI.
    They might made Kohli and Kumble to discuss the issue and come for an understanding. Removing a person Whois sincere in his work sends wrong signals to others. Tomorrow the players may ask for the change of captain also. Are we going to hear that. Not a correct way of functioning.

    Kumble is a time tested player of India. He is sincere to his core on the field and off the field. Kohli should also think about this and he should accept him as coach. I feel there is a third hand also in this which is not visible outside.

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