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    Did you get your complaints solved through some public complaints forums in the net?

    Whenever we have some problems or grievances on a product purchased or service availed or requested, we usually take up directly with the concerned establishment or service provider.
    For the fast communication we use the chat facility, e mail or direct phone the company provided us in their brochure or pack or taken from internet etc.
    Sometimes we get our problem solved. Sometimes there will be a simple stereotype response and no further actions. Sometimes there may not be even a response or acknowledgement at all.

    When we are not satisfied, we may also take up the matter by posting it in some relevant websites who do a free service for the public. Examples are,,, etc.. Then there is to air our complaints.

    Some sites forward our complaints to the relevant companies or have a listening post from company to the site. Some companies reply via these sites and even solve our problems.

    What is your experience in this regard? Did you get your complaints solved through some public complaint forum?
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    I wont believe in those sites which provide as the platform to solve our grievances or complaints against any company for their product or services. Every big company is having a established customer care or customer complaint redress department through which the problems are solved fast and quick. Once I lodged the complaint with Colgate paste for their poor quality as only air was there and no paste. Immediately the company has sent me a representative with gift pack of some tooth paste and a sorry letter too. Even I got the refund of rail fare from the Divisional Manager of SCR when I lodged the complaint in the Deccan Chronicle paper for undertaking a horrible journey to Chennai when the reserved compartment was occupied ordinary passengers and bothered the reserved passengers by sleeping in their birth. That was mistake of railway as no TT present on that journey and the money was refunded.
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    I never tried any of the sites what you have suggested to solve the product problems. But I use some apps like My BSNL, HMWSS app and MyGHMC app to lodge complaints regarding the services they provide. These days what I observed is people are more responsive for these complaints and I am getting very good response. Earlier days the case is different. Now there is a change.

    When we purchase any item online, if any problem noticed if we send an SMS they are replacing with the new one taking back the damaged one during warranty period. But we have to inform within the accepted period.

    The response now a days even from the manufacturers is also good. Very good service I am getting. Recently I have purchased a car. After one week i observed that one side the rubber beading is not properly bonded. I informed the same to the dealers. He brought the technician and got it corrected in 2 hours. Even Maruthi car service centers send their reps to collect our car, service it and send it back.

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    Once I posted a compliant in such a site. (I do not remember the name now, and have no records of it for tracking also). But except a couple of SMS from them nothing further happened.
    Helplessly I had to suffer my problem and vow not to deal with the same service provider.

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