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    Memories of June will remain ever green forever

    June is the beautiful month in my school year. I was so happy when the school opens on June 1. Meeting friends is the happier moment. We won't be able to meet all our friends during summer vacation and so all will be delighted to meet each other. In smaller classes, we were interested to show our new school bags and other stuffs. But in higher classes, everybody will share their summer vacation experiences. June is more beautiful than any other months of school year as there won't be any exams. So, first month will be tension free for all of us. Getting new text books, covering them and labeling were all interesting works for us. I am from Kerala and June is a month of rainfall in God's own country. Even though years passed, I still remember the golden days of going to school. I am sure those memories will remain golden in my heart.
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    The author by this submission has virtually taken every one to their school days to remember how the reopening day would the fun and frolic for those who have the good friends following the schooling never considered a burden or boredom. It would be interesting to meet new friends who joined the class and inquire about their previous schools and so on. Interestingly there would be changes in the teachers also and we would be interested to know who would be our teacher. Moreover being one class senior in that order, every one of us would certainly boss over the lower class students and they would also oblige. First few days would be the introduction galore as we would get familiarize with all the students as to how they enjoyed the holidays by touring which places. All those information were really enjoyable,
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    I do agree with the author. In West Bengal also, the schools open during the first week of June. During our student days, we used to wait eagerly to meet friends after the opening of the school. There were very few phones on those days. We also didn't visit our friends' residences regularly. So we used to wait eagerly to meet our friends after summer vacation.

    However, in Delhi, the summer vacation continues till 30th June.

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    School opening day is a happy occasion in some respects and in some respects it is a little unhappy also for me. As soon as the summer holidays were declared our brothers and sisters used to go to our grandparents village. Our cousins also used to come. All of us used to play and spend time very happily. We used to enjoy ice candy, mangoes, biscuits and fruit juices there. We were going to movies and completely enjoy the vacation. At the end of holidays we have to leave to our respective places. so we are unhappy. But it couldn't be avoided.

    After coming back we start going to school and meet the friends there and happy moments were there again. As mentioned by others it was pleasure in sharing our memories with each other, discussing about the movies we have seen , and talking about the places we have visited. THe whole month we used to spend like this only without any much studies.

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    Very true. June is a happy month for the school going students. June will be a fine month with new books, new note books with new covers and labels with new pen . A new class room, desk and bench and black board. New class teacher. Totally a new set up. Oh! The next month July will be horrible with home works and class tests.
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    School reopening was exciting for me also . The excitement came from the eagerness of meeting old classmates again after two months gap. e may miss one or two as they would have migrated to new places. We would also get one or two new friends who have come from other place.
    The only thing I disliked was the rains which prevented us from playing outdoors. Another problem was wet clothes as the thick half trousers and cotton shirts did not get dry easily in the wet and eerie weather.

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