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    Were you afraid of taking injections when you were a child?

    When you were child, were you afraid of taking injections? I asked this question because I came across a video where in a boy who was supposed to take injection for his ailment was not relenting and he ran here and there giving taxing time for the nurse and doctor. This reminded me of the fact that many of us have this fear and in fact ask the doctor to prescribe tablets or even tonic instead of injection. What is your experience as a child ? Were/ are you afraid of injections?
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    Not only as a child, even now I am afraid of taking injections. I close my eyes and my muscles automatically get stiff when the doctor takes out the dreaded syringe.

    There is not even a singlle child who is not afraid of taking injection.

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    I was too afraid of injections as a child I don't even remember that but, I even ran away from dental hospital when a lady dentist asked me to wait a minute till she was fixing some of her tools and I saw an injection among those. I run so far that my mother and a nurse ran behind me 3-4 rounds around the hospital, so dentist asked me to come next day and next day she made me understood that I will not feel any pain, I was just 5 years old than. And now in every family gathering my family members repeat this incident, I have heard it more than a dozen times.
    But now I don't fear injection and as soon as I turned 18 years and I donated blood and I didn't felt any fear of any injection.

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    In my childhood, my father used to give Ayurvedic medicines and we never used other medicines. So till I attained my 14th year I never had an injection. In my 14th year when I was in my class ninth, i suffered from typhoid and I was on bed for about 45 days. At that time I used to take daily two injections. Initially I used to have some fear but later on it has become a practice.
    But even now I feel it is better to use lesser dosage of medicines tha going for injections of higher capacity. In villages the people think that the doctor is good if he gives injection for curing their diseases.

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    Partha what you revealed is true. No child would be pleased to have the injection and they reject the suggestion at all.
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    As far as my memory goes, I was never afraid of taking injections.
    After my son was born,the paediatrician to whom we were showing our son, was so kind and tactful that my son never felt the pain of injections during vaccinations or taking for some illness. He used to look in surprise when other children used cry loudly even before taking the syringe.

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    Not only as a child, even now I am afraid of taking injections. But injections can not be avoided sometimes. If the nurse is well trained injection does not cause pain.
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    Sharma what you said is right. The way the injection has to be injected, it should not reveal at all. Well versed nurses can do that.
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    Never, never and never forever. I was not afraid of injections in my childhood. It was a pleasure to see the syringe in the hands of the doctor or nurse. Same is the case with my son. Of course, I was afraid to take Ginger juice as a medicine that was fed to me twice in a month. I used to run here and there avoiding that juice. Finally I would agree to take it with a piece of gud or some sugar.
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    Earlier I used to think that all children are afraid of injections. Every child starts crying much before the injection is administered. Now I know that many children are not at all afraid of injections. Salute to the brave children of the country!
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    When I was of 9 years old I suffered from bronchial problem and for that a doctor advised for an injection weekly twice. I feared as anything and my father, who was working in a laboratory attached to State Govt. Hospital, convinced me and later I got familiar for getting injections regularly. But to the surprise I am now assisting many people for getting injections.

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    Yes ofcourse every one will be afraid to tae injection. I am also afraid of taking injection in my childhood. I would ask for tonics not evena tablet. I hate to take tablets. But now I have no fear to tske injections.

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