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    What should I write to invoice number on form of invoice?

    Please tell me something about what I can write at the place of invoice number in the form of invoice. Please immediately send the answer to this question.
    Please tell me more information about how to get the payments on this site what is the reference number how should I get that number please give me more information about how to get the invoice number and how to get the reference number from the site.
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    Individual invoice number is indicated in the Monthly Cash Credit announcement. It is in the form: ISC-@#$%^ (five different integers). Please check carefully.
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    Sukanya, Partha has responded to your basic query and hope it is clear. it would be of help to you if you could spare some time to read through the Help Topics for getting an idea about the various requirements and facilities of this site. Read and understand the Posting Guidelines for different sections also. I don't think any cash announcement has yet been made against your account. Look out for the Revenue share and cash credits announcements and check whether your name is included in the list. For the second query, please check out the response by Partha in this thread posted by you which is being locked now as you have asked the same query here too (avoid repetition please).

    Please remember that your earning in this site depends on your contributions in different sections and participation in contests that are announced from time to time. So, try to become more active and do follow the posting guidelines.

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    In your profile page, If you click your 'Awards and Gifts' , you will get in to that page to see the invoice number against 'Cash payment' It will appear as ' ISC 123456'(as applicable)
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    Once the payment announcement is made on every 2nd, the Individual members who are eligible for payment would get the invoice number, amount details mentioned as suggested by Sun.
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    Dear Sukanya, here's what you have to do:
    1. Go to the top left corner of the ISC page, where your profile name comes.
    2. Beside the name, there is a down arrow, click on it,
    3. You will see View Profile option, click on it.
    4. In your profile, the second tab is for the recent gifts and awards you have got.
    5. On it, most probably, the topmost post will refer to the cash amount you won and the invoice number corresponding to it.
    6. If you click on the link of that post, you will be directed to the page, where you can upload your invoice.
    Hope it is clear now.

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