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    Why are elections contested on the basis of castes?

    Elections are contested on the basis of caste system. Our politicians divide the public into caste groups. They ask votes on the basis of castes. They mobilize the people on the basis of caste. Mobilizing and asking votes on the basis of castes is not good. Politicians should ask votes on the basis of work they have done for the welfare of people. People should not cast their votes on the basis of caste. They should give a good lesson to politicians. What do you say?
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    It is very unfortunate that elections in the biggest democracy of the world still happens on silly issues. Ideally is should happen on developmental issues. Candidates should be chosen based on their capacity to lead the country towards a better development. But we are still fighting on petty issues of cast, background.

    First of all people have to be educated on this matter. All references for cast will have to be removed from constitution itself. Caste based census will have to be stopped. Caste based reservation will have to be stopped and replaced with Economic need based reservation. Only then cast base elections can be stopped. This requires immense political will and consensus at the national level.

    It is doubtful that we will see this in near future.

    - Manjunath Bhat

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    Good thread. The survival of politicians depend on this caste division only. So no politician will accept caste less society. Unfortunately in India caste plays a very important role. Not only in elections in every step of our life caste plays an important role. The voter has to change his mindset. The educated or the city employees may not vote on the basis of caste. But many of them will not go for voting because of so many reasons. But in villages the village heads of each caste make all their caste voters to vote. It may be by offering some money or gifts. Mainly it goes by caste. I never see any chance in this country to separate politics from caste.

    Politicians will never remove caste based reservations. Because they loose votes if they remove this. Everybody is playing caste politics for their self benefits. Telangana CM during election campaign promised to make BC candidate as CM of Telangana. But he had become the CM after winning the elections. Now he says he will increase the reservation percentage to Muslims and Scs and STs. If this is the way of political leaders where the question of caste less society.

    always confident

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    Good thought provoking thread from the author. The politicians cannot survive unless and until they play the caste card and their survival solely depends on the vote bank of a particular caste for whom they make promise of moon on the palm and does nothing. In this regard I want to mention a song from the late Dasari Narayana Rao film which goes like this. Pleadaru garu, lawyaru garu, mee peru yanakay aah thoka endhuku, mee oru venekay maa paaka endhuku ? That means why you add caste like Reddy, Naidu after your name and why our homes are on the outskirts of your bunglow ? That gives you how worst our caste systems spoiled the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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