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    Change your nature instead of changing the world

    Every person has its special nature. There are some good and some bad habits in every person. We should see the good habits of people instead of seeing bad habits. But it's our nature that we always try to find some mistakes from others .
    We always want to change the world according to our nature. But it's impossible to change the world according to us. Nobody can change the world. But it is possible to change our nature.
    If we would be able to change our nature according to our atmosphere we would survive without any difficulty. Changing our nature according to condition is an essential factor of success.
    The people who can change the nature according to condition will be happy and satisfy in the life.
    You can't change the others, but you can change yourself.
    So, dear friends always try to change our nature instead of changing the world.
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    This attitude of wanting to change the world and everything in it comes from a belief that 'we are right' and 'we have the right'.

    Ironically, not everything we think is right – it can be right only in our minds based on our beliefs. The same could be so wrong for someone else.

    You have raised a very relevant thread – in a time where all of us want to change the other's way of thinking and behaviour, instead of changing our own attitudes and approaches.

    People must consider how difficult it is to change themselves, then perhaps they will realise the change that they seek in others is difficult and morally wrong. When we expect someone to change we push our ideas and beliefs into them. We force them - it is much like encroachment - where you encroach into someone else's mind.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    It is true that everybody talks about change of others. But never think of changing themselves. People always think that they are correct and others wrong ' We expect others to change. But when we step in to their shoes only we can understand the very reasons for others behavior. It is always better bring the change with in you. Never think of changing others.

    Every person will have his own nature.. It varies from man to man. Nobody in this world is perfect. Every body will have some good and some bad. Accept the good from him and leave about his bad. Don't try to point out his mistakes.

    always confident

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