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    Do you revisit contents posted by you to check for any editorial intervention?

    We get to see quite a few threads complaining about deletion of threads or some threads being shifted to pending status and also about reduction of points etc. Some of the authors do give suggestions also as to how an editor should handle such issues.

    My question here is on a different note. How many of you check and note whether your thread or response has been edited for corrections or removal of irrelevant content etc? Do you go back to your thread or response or for that matter any content you post to see whether any changes have been made and in that case do you try to analyze and correct yourself? Let us be frank and true to ourselves.

    My query is not intended to seek any acknowledgement in this regard but I am just curious to know whether editing jobs other than rejection/ change of status/ reduction of points are also noticed by our learned members.
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    Yes, I do check my posts. I also respond to the interventions when I find anything objectionable.

    How are these editorial interventions to be judged?

    1. Do I see them as personal views of the responding editor, when they state what 'they think'?
    2. Do I take what 'they think' as the collective view of the site?

    Editorial interference is fine, but it should represent the views of the site and not views in a personal capacity. This is where the problem lies - many a times responses from editors are their personal views based on how they are worded. When someone responds to their view, with an objection or questioning them then the entire editorial team (exaggeration) enters the thread, in support of the editor.

    Editorial work needs to be handled with care and must cite the views of the site. If the interferences are personal comments then the responses from members should be handled in the same capacity. It is the switching of status (personal view to an editorial view) that irks me.

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    There are also biases, intentional or unintentional, I do not know. But, if I as an ordinary member see something and view it as preferential treatment, then I think it must exist.

    I have in the recent past cited many inaccuracies, in the resource section, with regards to articles by editors.

    I am citing one more instance – it might be a lapse, but it makes me wonder!

    Please take a look at the two threads, the links to which are provided below. Both are regarding problems on ISC. The first has two responses published by ordinary members, followed by two from editors. The second has two responses, both from editors.

    In the first thread, the points of the ordinary members were reduced to zero with a very curt message of the 'nuisance' such responses were.

    In the second thread, the initial response is also 'pointless' and on the lines of a 'nuisance', because it displays a shoddy job, as the real issue was not addressed - but the response was ignored. No negative points, no reprimand. Why? Would an ordinary member's response, on the same lines have been viewed with the same leniency?

    I raise this point to highlight my view that shortcomings are present at your end as well.

    Thread #1
    Thread #2

    Edited: This might appear irrelevant, but it is also about the issue raised by you - do editor's revisit threads where they intervened.

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    I revisit my threads and sometimes I found there is some editing in the matter. Two times it had happened to me. I thought, that probably the editors might have edited because of some posting rule and regulations. I read once or twice before finally posting. After posting also I read once and do editing if required. However my views should not create controversy. That will be known much to the editors than me. Recently only I started to be regular in this site. I may not be knowing the complete polices of the site. Hence I respect the work of editors.

    By this I am respecting the site and I may not be changing my opinion but I will never restate that in the postings. If there is a genuine mistake, I will understand and correct it. I never thought the editor's views are different from the site. Because they have to follow the rules and regulations of the site which are laid down for editing.

    Personal views of Editors can be expressed in their threads or their discussion on other threads .

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    I am impressed by the forceful responses of Ms. Juana with evidences. I also noted the comments of the Managing Editor in the first thread and the incorrect response of a Lead Editor in the second thread.

    So far as the question raised in the present thread is concerned, I do check and have noted that the Editors occasionally edited some of my threads, mainly the titles.

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    All editors are not superiors to members. Editors too have poor knowledge, English writing skill, poor grammar etc. Whenever they carry out some correction in a thread, they should mention it under a foot note @ updated/corrected by the editor. Else they should send a PM to the author. This will greatly help the members to realize their mistake or to bounce against the editor if corrected wrongly. I never had any such experience.
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    I think silence is not golden always, particularly in an ISC forum, isn't it? Unfortunately we take few lines of a response and always try to read in between the lines. I have checked the responses by the editors in the threads mentioned by Ms.Juana and I am quite surprised as to how they are linked to the original content of the thread here. The two contexts are totally different. Clearly in the first one pointless responses were given many times by some members, just to gain points. In the second one, Kalyani as the editor of the section has responded there. It was a mistake and not a pointless response that she did not realize that the content of the article was different from the topic of the article. It is very clear that some members are repeatedly trying to highlight as if it were a failure on the part of the lead team of the editorial board. Is it required? What a new member will think about this and what could be the opinion of some guest visitors?

    Secondly, a straight question to those who post some responses to a response and not to the content of the main thread. Are you trying to team up with any member who makes some taunts against Editors without going into the veracity of the argument? Why can't you refrain yourself, if you have no valid reasons to support?


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    Yes I do visit my threads and check whether they have been rejected, edited or passed some comments on it. But what I suggest that a personal message to the member concerned would be more professional.
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    @Mohan: Your suggestion to leave a personal message about rejection/ deletion of some lines is not feasible at this moment. But WMs are on the job to make some modifications and improvements in various sections and this point would be put up to admin to include in the agenda to take care of.

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    I frankly admit that it is not my routine to revisit my threads to see if any editing is done. But I found that one or two or my responses were deleted til this date. It may be more also, but frankly I am not aware because it had not come to my notice.

    In our career also many of us would have come across situations where separate designations are given for different persons in the same grade and category. The basic features like salary and rights will not be different, but the duties and accountability will be different. In some cases there will be some nominal monetary compensation or a few bonus points and priority in the next promotion.

    They will be considered first among the equals.Their designation has to be given due respects or at least protocol compliance by others.
    I consider the position of Editors in ISC also similar.

    ISC editors are also members and equal to them.But they have some extra duty, responsibility and accountability to the site. Hence they me paid a little extra compensation or some bonus points.

    Hence I am dittoing the lines of Dr. Srinivas Rao @59963601 and I quote that:"By this I am respecting the site and I may not be changing my opinion but I will never restate that in the postings. If there is a genuine mistake, I will understand and correct it. I never thought the editor's views are different from the site. Because they have to follow the rules and regulations of the site which are laid down for editing."

    If I feel a genuine grievance is there, I take up either as a PM or a forum thread as a matter of fact and not as a challenge or wanton criticism of editors. But I take care to see that my words are proper and does not lead to unwanted controversy or hurt anyone.
    It is as simple as that as far as I am concerned.

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    It comes as no surprise, but Juana, you took my thread too seriously! My query was simple 'How many of you check and note whether your thread or response has been edited for corrections or removal of irrelevant content etc?' I doubt that you went overboard which was not required. My intention was to check whether members keep a tag of what they post and nothing else. I don't feel that a dissection would help nor would be of any good here. And, thanks Partha, you did your bit!
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    When a thread is raised. Members are expected to give their comments on the main thread and also on the subsequent responses. Members express their own views. They are not supposed to modify their views to make the thread-raiser happy.
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    Mr Sun at #599655, agreed that editors may opt to send a PM to members or can mention what they have done to a content, though, as you rightly said, no one is an expert here; but, I don't think that is a possible option given the number of threads as also other contents that are being posted in this site. I am reiterating my basic query, do you notice a change in what you have posted? Do you, I say, do you, go back to what you have posted? I don't think my query is so complex as to be driven out of the track!
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    I am addressing this to you since you raised an objection to my posts.

    I'll begin my response with an anecdote – A woman would look at her neighbour's laundry, hanging out to dry, and think how dirty the laundry was, not realising that the laundry was actually clean, it was her own window pane that was dirty.

    There is so much wrong with this thread -

    1. A post of 159 words makes mention of "editing jobs other than rejection/ change of status/ reduction of points", not once, but twice – it starts and ends with it. So, whom was this post intended for? Also, was there not a recent post about not repeating the same points?
    2. The thread calls upon members to "…be frank and true to ourselves". What does that imply?
    3. The post addresses "learned members". That's full of sarcasm. Before, you dismiss it as me making much of an innocent comment I'd like you to discuss it with members on the 'editorial board' and take their opinion on how they perceive the term. It might surprise you!

    Did I highlight failures? No, I responded to the thread based on its tone and tenor. If the question was posted 'decently' it would probably have not received a response from me. The post was offensive.

    The two contexts look inappropriate to you because you do not notice the catalyst. I highlighted the threads to show that others too do not revisit their posts, not just those who complain.

    "Is it required?" you ask. I ask if this was the only way to raise this issue with members?

    Also, a person needs to be a genius, to be able to identify editorial intervention in the text of their thread, without it being pointed out. Can you imagine the kind of prowess that requires – one would need a photographic memory to remember what they wrote – word for word.

    You give me too much credit if you think my comments could influence new members. My comments are far and inbetween – the everyday practices that are overlooked can prove to be more detrimental.

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    Juana, what is your issue? What is wrong (so called) about this thread? Why do you tend to be so critical? I had stated in my earlier response that my query was simple. I just wanted to know whether members (learned I say, and it is not sarcasm) look back at contents they have posted. To count the words in a thread and to say that words have been repeated does not reflect a positive thought. Editors may not be experts in English but it is not just proficiency in language that is looked into when one is selected by the admin. I am sure that you know better!
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    We members do not go back to our own thread post or responses to check whether the editors have carried out any correction to our posts and responses. We revisit only to know whether it received some additional responses or counter responses to our response. We don't think about the editors interference/intervention in our messages. If an editor has played with our posts and responses, it remain unnoticed. However, we come to know only when the editor has deleted the entire thread or message or responses. We least worry about the editors editing.

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    1. Please read through my response and you will find 3 reasons why this thread is wrong. I do not have to explain myself.
    2. Why am I critical – well, for the same reason as you. The difference being, I question an action, while you point a finger at me. So, who is really critical?
    3. We were typing our responses at the same time. So, I didn't see your point about it being a 'simple query'. Please check the time on our posts.
    4. 'Learned members', is a contentious term. I was told this by one of your editorial members. If I cannot use it, nor can you. I'll judge it with the same contempt as my comment was.
    5. Negative thoughts – lead by the standards you've set. Should I dig out comments where you've passed comments on people's ideologies, political inclinations and views in a very negative way? You criticise people based on all their posts and question me tearing down one of yours. Negativism!
    6. How does proficiency of language come into the picture? Did I question that? That is again another uncalled for remark and it shows your prejudice.
    7. Your comment about how editors are selected shows your mindset, probably that you are more capable than I am, and hence you are an editor. What a brazen, conceited opinion.
    8. FYI I was offered the position of editor. I have served as an editor on ISC. I could not continue because of my other commitments.

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