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    Role of a parent after his/her kid get frustrated after result announcement.

    It's no big secret that little kids tend to have very big emotions. They laugh the loudest when something is funny; they cry the hardest when they fall, and their screams echo throughout the land when something seems unfair.
    little kids have big emotions. Particularly when it comes to frustration.
    Frustration is a very normal part of life. It occurs at all ages and stages and, unfortunately, there is no magic cure. Frustration tolerance is a skill that all children need to learn along the way. And here their parents plays an key role.
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    It is natural that kids get frustrated if the results are not as per their expectations. As mentioned kids will have very high degree of emotions. It will be on extremes. When they are happy they laugh loudly and when they are not happy they feel lot of frustration and behave in a different way. So parents should be very careful here. They should deal with the kids very carefully. If the Kid gets less marks he/She will a start weeping and very difficult to control. In such case parents should not make fool of the Kid. They should not say, you never hear our words, you never concentrated on your study, They should try to console the Kid by saying that, don't worry, heaven is not going to fall down for these marks. They are Ok and good enough to get admission to another college etc., Then Kids will have some relief otherwise they may go to any extent. Motivate them while studying. Keep some targets and offer them some gifts for reaching the targets. Encourage them with your words. Then they will show lot of interest in studies. Otherwise they will get frustrated.
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    Good thought provoking thread from the author. The mother must teach the child as to how should behave in sober way and how to react for every thing. Nothing is going to end in this world that fast. The child has many more things to challenge and achieve and if one failure apprehends him, that should not be taken serious by the child nor the parents. Child must be solaced by the mother that for him the support of her would be there always in winning and failure. If mother also gets frustrated and act in front of the child , then the situation becomes super charged which cannot be controlled.
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    Any parent ,even if getting angry or emotional initially, will calm down and pacify the children. After all their only interest is the welfare of their children. No parent will scold their children if they fail in spite of their true,sincere handwork. It is only when the children defy the suggestions and advice of parents and waste time and then fail that parents get angry and say '"I told you then.."

    A plant has the inherent capacity to bend and grow in the direction of sunlight. The parent plant does not fed it. But for birds,animals and humans parents have to feed and care the progeny till such time that it becomes independent to get its food. In the case f birds and animals choices are less and so adaptation is easy. But for humans, choice are many and the child needs more support and direction. It cannot be left alone very early. Even an elephant pulls and hits its errant and naughty infant, but comes to its rescue when in danger.

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