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    Do you feel hurt if you are ignored?

    In the society people behave with different persons differently depending on the status and authority of the person and their relations with him.

    Some people have serious nature and they appear reserved from outside and do not respond to others easily. Some people consider it as shrewdness.

    In such a scenario if a person do not respond to you or curtly cuts short the introductio then how do you feel about it?

    Many times even your friends or relatives ignore you in a gathering or social occasions.

    Do you feel hurt or offended in such situation?
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    Different people will have different mentalities. Generally we will make friendship with like minded people.
    Some people try to talk with all very closely and without any hesitation. Some people feel shy and may not talk much. Some people think very high of themselves and will not wish others. My nature is to behave as per the behavior of the other person. If a see a friend who always talk very nicely, I myself go and wish him and talk to him. If the other person is a little less talkative, I will go and sit with him and try to bring him in to the talking mood. If the other person is high headed I will simply ignore him. If he says hello, I will repeat. Otherwise I will keep quite.

    If somebody intentionally ignores us we should also ignore them. Nothing more than that is required. There is no question of offending or thinking about that is not required.

    In gatherings and social occasions crowd will be more, some times everybody may not notice us. But when you wish they should reciprocate. If not, next time on wards we can ignore them.

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    If my genuine contribution is ignored in my office, then I would definitely be offended. But as an introvert, in any social gathering, I try to get ignored(!) by others. I am afraid of becoming the centre of discussion.
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    Human is a social animal and it is in his nature ans so for every conversation he have and every decision he makes he feels a need of social acceptance, response and attention. So whenever he feels that he is getting ignored or not getting attention it hurts his feelings and ego. Few peoples may be exceptions to this human tendency but most of the time it is the need of acceptance which hurts us on getting ignored by someone.
    And personally I feel hurt when if got ignored without any strong reason.

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