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    The undefeated ruler of the world

    Almighty GOD has made this planet and given his power to nature to rule over it as a king.
    Nature nourishes us when we are in need and proves fatal when our sin destroy the ecology of the environment. So nature holds analogy with an Echo that is if we provide care and attention then in return it nurtures us and if we neglect or harm it then we have to face destruction by means of a natural disasters. Only the difference in behaviour is that
    -echo of sound occurs instantly
    -but reaction of nature take some time.

    Our creation on earth was for the purpose that we enjoy this beautiful earth but we careless have started changing it for the sake of comfort.

    Our great scientists invented various mind blowing equipments. They said that necessity is the mother of invention and on inventing and getting outcomes said that all invention have some pros and Cons. And for the sake of development they took the pros part as a matter of interest and then further inventions started to take place.
    We thought that throwing a pebble in air would not return but one day a meteor will come and hit the earth and researchers would imagine how it happened.
    The invention of nuclear weapons, CFC's equipments, mobiles etc are proving fatal in present world. Surveyors are predicting the time when world would finish. They say that World War III will mark the end of the humanity. Are not these things a return gift of nature? In every invention we tried to defeat the nature and thought we are successful. We provoked the nature in proving our knowledge and now with the same knowledge we and our developed countries are joining hands to save nature. They are thinking that effects of nature can be controlled. Is it possible within the time limit we have? Let's see what happens!

    Intelligent humans must not forget that
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    It is true. Nature is like Dharma Raju of Pandavas. He don't have any enemies. He never lies. He never gets anger.
    Such is the nature of Dharma Raju. He tolerated, tolerated and finally begged Duryodhana to give just five cities to five of their brothers. Duryodhana refused to give that also. In such a situation Krishna was sent to Kauravas as mediator. In the course of conversation Krishna informs all Kauravas that Dharma Raju never know anything about anger. But once he gets angry, nobody can stop. All the member of your soldiers will die in the war. There is no doubt about it.

    The NATURE is also like that. It tolerates, tolerates. But once got fed up no human being will be left on the earth.
    So respect nature. Change your nature of spoiling the nature. It is good for the mankind.

    always confident

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