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    Why do I get less cash credits for question papers posted?

    Dear Editors,

    I have posted nearly 20 question papers but found that I got Rs.3 for each paper. Kindly advice me why I am getting so less amount.

    I also request the editors to delete my below post-

    Unknowingly more attachments are added in these post. Here I don't have the option to delete the attachments.

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    We found most of the question papers submitted by you had same set of texts except change in the name of the subject.

    Henceforth furnish summary and header differently for each question paper you submit such question papers will be considered for higher cc and points.

    Further try to put summary in a question and answer method rather than a casual information it may add weightage to the post.

    Regarding your request to delete the additional attachments provided will be done when the post come up for review.

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    Ok.. Thanks for your response.

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    Hello editors,

    I just realized, the following question paper is not yet deleted. I request the editors to delete it, too many attachments have attached to this paper.


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