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    Nature of the crowd in the present times.

    The nature of today's crowd is apparent yet cryptic enough to find out its origin. One rumor is all it demands and you would see a number of people solidifying in a violent mass to get the verdict all by themselves. No reasoning could soothe the crowd and no authority could tame it when it sets ablaze towards the target like a reckless elephant, crushing everyone coming in its path. The grouping up of the people is definitely not a new concept but the ideology or the nature of such grouping has transformed to much a violent side of the spectrum. On the Gandhian principles, we would gather to fight against the discrimination or unfair means under the nonviolent nature of the struggle and it would be us who would keep ourselves on the line of suffering before going against the regime. Self-analysation was the key in those times. But in these present times, the crowd has adopted the way to take charge in own hands just to relish the suffering. I don't want to confine this crowd under the terminologies of patriotism or nationalism. I wouldn't say them, chauvinist, either. The crowd of this nature is violence demanding who takes satisfaction in inflicting pain disregarding the value of human life. The elements of this crowd are full of brutal nature and they want to make the world feel their presence through their acts but they don't want to reveal their identities and hence try to absorb themselves in the crowd. In the crowd, they feel powerful and could bask in the ego of the power. This crowd feels that it has its own court and its own way of punishment which doesn't give the other side any chance to explain itself. It relishes the fear in the eyes of the prey and satiates itself on the helpness of the victim. It is ferocious and its nature is apparent yet cryptic. Beware of this crowd because it is surmounting larger.
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    Unlawful activities by a pool of people is on increasing mode nowadays. This is because of the liberal attitude of the Government. Even in very serious cases like abusing ladies etc., courts are not giving their verdict very early. They are taking their own time. The people who are committing mistake are on road with a bail from court. It has become a common practice in our country. People who swallowed thousands of crores of rupees are freely roaming on the roads and contesting in elections. This is an indication that in India rules and regulations are not very severe and judiciary is very slow. So these crowd activities will increase and will be creating problems to general public.
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    When the crowd goes berserk even the law enforcing agencies cannot do anything. That is why when ever in big meetings the police would control the mob in every pocket and see that if any untoward incident occurs, evacuating the trouble makers would be easy. If the crowd behaves badly, the unruly elements will have the field day.. The recent happening of Kisan Andonlan in Madhya Pradesh was the act of outside elements in the crowd in the guise of farmers and thus so many farmers were killed when the police has to retaliate in return. So crowd behavior matters.
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