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    How social media has changed your life? is it positive or negative?

    Their are many debates going on about good and bad effects of social media from the time it came into being, and we all have different opinion which we shared about that on various platforms even on ISC this topic has been raised many times.
    But my question here is not about those ongoing debates, It is simply out of curiosity about members in ISC, as far as I am concerned social media has positive impact in my life. It has made me more aware and updated about things around me.
    What about you? How social media has made impact on your life?
    Is it positive or negative?
    Please mention only about your personal experience being positive or negative on social media not about the social media as a whole or its impact on whole society?
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    Social media has made a positive impact only on me. I am able to be in touch with all my old friends. I am able to know what good is happening in my native place. What is happening around. All these I am able to know from my own place. I am able to interact with many people on various subjects and I am getting updated on many subjects. I am able to know about various issue around the world. All these are giving a positive affect only on me. I am able to understand the mindsets of different people on different issue of the society.
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    For me social media is giving me enough feeds on different aspects of life and in fact I am getting acquainted with new friends and followers with new information. Well we need not follow and agree to all the information shared, but there are some regulars who can be believed and shared genuine information on health issues, how to tackle personal problems and challenges and so on. For me I am more interested in images shared by my friends that are natural and awesome. Some of the foreign friends on social media are awesome as they share some wonderful images which gives solace and energy.
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    Social media informs me about many incidents which the mainstream media puts under the carpet. Moreover, I can put forward my views clearly in social media. At the same time, I learn many new things participating in various discussions, which is not possible in mainstream media.
    Social media has given words in the mount of crores of educated middle-class Indians and it is challenging the supremacy of mainstream media.

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    Social media has made certain changes in our life style.

    First and foremost our physical interaction with friends, neighbours and other persons is decreasing day by day. Another thing is we are most of the time glued to the idiot screen of our phones and so not getting time for certain important jobs which are in fact being neglected in the process. Other thing is our book reading habits are adversely affected.

    Many people have stopped reading newspaper as most of the news is churned up here.

    Yes we are linked to the big world 24 hours but on cost of losing lot of time of our each day.

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    I am not much involved in social media. I am using whatsapp and active in ISC. The connection via whatsapp with groups and individuals have helped to be in touch or updated with things that I may not go for search and find. From ISC also I get to learn and be aware of many things which otherwise would not have bothered to know.

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    Though I am not much with the social media, I feel that the media gives a positive effect. It helps to communicate fast. It bring the known and unknown close to each other. I am an addict to iSC for the last six years, and ISC working helped me positively.
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