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    Nature is not that unpredictable, Its just that it replies a little later.

    With advent of modern era and massively Increasing population, construction of housing society for dwelling, dams for lightning and industries for manufacturing has became a necessity but question is at what cost?
    All these needs above necessitate these increasing construction requirement but such unregulated and unplanned construction without any consideration of local flora-fauna and local population invited the nature's wrath on whole world.
    Uttrakhand- when Himalayas cried, Chennai floods are example of natures replies to all those unasked, unplanned and unregulated human interference in the personal space of nature ( which includes all the flora-fauna, inhabitants of that place who are part of that nature who have kept it safe from centuries).

    We need to become little smarter by predicting nature's replies to our unwanted interference and try to coexist with all those things it have, without harming its true form.
    Humans can predict nature's nature by trying to mold their life according to nature but we always try to mold nature in accordance to ourselves that's why nature's replies are always bitter and devastating for humankind.
    But If we really try to understand the nature it will fill our life with gifts in form of all those resources which it provides. All those gifts which are requires for our sustenance and survival on this planet.
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    The author made a deep thought in this well christened thread which needs to be introspected by every one. Yes nature is not that cruel to us. It has the duty to play and we must allow the same to do. We should not hinder the path of nature and that would cause havoc later. In Hyderabad too the previous governments have given right and left permissions in the vicinity of lakes and water bodies and thus when the full tank level gets filled, the water cannot go out and thus all the homes and apartments are submerged and even lives lost. Who is responsible for that ? The town planner, the municipal sanction planning authorities and above all all the government departments like electricity , water and drainage never verify the construction done as per law and simply accord permissions and thus nature play havoc later.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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