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    If you criticize some one and without giving solution is also one kind of terrorism. Do you agree ?

    If you criticize some one and without giving solution is also one kind of terrorism. Do you agree ? We always take extra pride to criticize others on their lapses and over looking and that is good for our progress too. But a good criticism must suggest good solution to the person and he would be more pleased and wont mind about criticism. However we come across some people who are bent upon tarnishing our image for nothing and without even offering solution, they bring in fresh allegations and that is nothing short of terrorism attitude. Do you agree.
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    Yes, i totally agree with you. Often peole criticise others and walk away. I myself have expirenced such situations many a times, it feels that you are being cheated and beaten badly with no wounds on the body. But the pain it causes to a person is undefinable. It makes the person so helpless, and took away all his spirits. There are people who do all this puposely. But as you say if the criticism done with solution is always encouraging and leads to a persons progress.

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    Well I would also agree with your point Mohan Sir but this cannot be called terrorism I suppose . It definitely cannot be called terrorism, because terrorism means if someone uses illegal source of violence to fulfill their political views. People who criticize others should be considered as real devils. It is because they always carry a negative attitude with them that, what they believe and what they say is correct to all extent. That is the reason they criticize others. Such people can never grow in life. If we meet such people inspite of asking anything, we should rather move away from them with a thought, that Yes we will not get any solution to our problem from them. Rather the problem will be extended deeply. It is on us how we treat such people as such type of people are not meant for seeking any sort of advise or opinion.
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