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    If you remain good to nature, then it will remain fruitful to you.

    Nature is an integral part of our life. Life will be incomplete without nature. God has gifted 'Nature', a precious gift which is very much needed for the humans to lead a comfortable and a happy life in the planet. But do the humans give a proper value to the gift of god? Definitely Not! Our land was once filled with many water resources, land resources, forest resources and many more natural resources. But to lead a sophisticated and a luxurious life, the humans are destroying the nature. A few years ago, our ancestors had worshiped nature as god. During those golden days, the people enjoyed the benefits of nature. But now, the humans are converting a lot of agricultural lands, forests, lakes and ponds into buildings, industries and large apartments.

    As a result of degradation of nature,

    1. There is a change in the climatic condition
    2. Lot of animals and birds are at the verge of extinction
    3. New diseases and disorders are creating a threat to human life
    4. The entire planet gets polluted
    5. Natural calamities occurs frequently

    If we protect our mother nature, then all the above mentioned effects will be rectified and the nature will give a good environment for the humans to lead a happy and a healthy life.

    Save Nature and enjoy the benefits of nature in return.

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    True. Save mature it will protect you. If you ill-treat., Nature will make you nonexistent. In the urge of getting more comforts we are spoiling the nature. We close water ponds, we close rivers .We cut trees, we convert forests into concrete jungles. So we are spoiling the nature ln all ways. It can't go long like this. We should understand the importance and take positive steps to protect environment. Plant trees, don't pollute the drinking water with effluent from industries. Don't leave hazardous gases into the air. Then we will have more relief.
    always confident

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    Fervent appeal from the author. We must give the nature its space to perform, other wise we are intruding into its way and thus causing untold misery to mankind. We all know when there is a lake abetting a city or town, the way towards the lake or the outlet of the lake should not be closed or occupied forcefully to pave the way of housing demand. That is the reason being so many houses get submerged even when small rain pours and the entire area get drowned because there is no way for the storm water drain to escape. Awareness in this regard is very much needed across the country.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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