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    When will people in India follow traffic rules?

    Lots of accident are occurring on the daily basis just because people in India are not following the traffic rules. If someone wants to follow the rules then they have to face many difficulties .
    In absence of traffic police if a civilians stops on red signal then people behind starts shouting and force him to move ahead. On informing the people about the rules and it's benefits they just don't listen and say that they don't have much time to waste or they are in hurry.
    So are they convincing us or fooling themselves I really can't understand. On the other hand the bikers are so much energetic that they drive their bike roughly in zig zag manner and brings others life at risk. Breaking of rules causes heavy ingestion on roads which results in noise and air pollution, accidents, etc.
    Can someone tell when and how the people will understand the importance of traffic rules?
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    lets take it on a positive view. Traffic rules following are improving especially in bigger cities and towns. Thanks to the penalties and fines being imposed. Volunteering by the college students have also helped in maintaining the rules to a certain extent. But we cannot deny the n number of accidents taking place even when the rules are taken seriously. so not following of rules could be even more dangerous.
    the so called young and energetic bikers need to understand the consequences of the zigzag racing on the roads. the hoardings and advertisement on the traffic signals would definitely help in making them understand. the traffic week observed by the department is yet another way of making things clear to such bikers. the department also has to be more active in making the rules followed by the road users.

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    Yes bringing awareness among the road users in India has become a challenging task for the law enforcement agencies. Though through camera fines, traffic violations fines, some people are mending their ways, others wont follow even after heavy fines. Such are hooligans present in our society that they get ideas to get rid of traffic fines and yet avoid the rules. For example traffic police takes snaps of those who are not wearing the helmet. So with the registration number the challan would be raised and the offender has to pay the fine through internet. Now to get rid of this fine, people are removing the hind number plates or covering the same with the legs by the pillion rider so that the number is not visible when clicked by the traffic police. Moreover some people are changing the numbers of their vehicle itself.
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    Indians are very smart in breaking rules. They always try to find out how to get rid of the rules. A simple example is how many are paying tax and how many rich are there in India.
    In big cities traffic is increasing day by day. Even we follow all rules if others are not following we will be at a loss. Drink and drive cases are more in cities.They are putting others bv also risk. The mindset is to be changed. Awareness among the people should be enhanced. Heavy fines are not sufficient.cancellation of licenses and suspending the vehicle licenses are to be implemented.

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    Unfortunately we are not disciplined since our childhood in this matter. Most of us are traffic rules violaters since we started to drive a two wheeler which was given to us by our elders to us without any advice or warning.

    Though police is fining the violators but they are paying and running away to again violate in the next crossing. The reason is there is no fear in the minds of people. Fear of punishment is bigger than the fear.

    In our country we require some rigorous punishment like for repeated violators their vehicle should be confiscated. Until unless stringent fines are there people are not going to change their habits.

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    People break rules for various reasons.
    The first reason is to have shortcut to save time and effort. For example people may find it easy to cross the road rather than take the circuitous subway or over bridge. Hence the alternatives should be more user friendly and less complicated. I have travelled by a National Highway in Kerala just a week back. I could not see a single subway or over bridge to enable pedestrians cross the very busy road. What people will then do? All along the roads were made convenient only for vehicles.

    When rules and restrictions are made, there should be practical alternatives.

    Rules should be practical and beneficial. They should not be just for the sake of rules. People should know-about the rules and should be easy to know and comply.
    After people are made aware of rules, after giving practical alternatives, those who break rules should be punished severely and exemplary.

    People should get compelled and get convinced that it is better and convenient to follow rules rather than breaking them.

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